The BETTELUX Shape, a New Collection of Steel Framed Enamel Tubs and Sinks

bettelux shape collection

The BETTELUX Shape collection is a new line of free-standing baths, washbasins and accessories set within colored open steel frames designed for Germany’s BETTE.

Bettelux Shape Collection

tub black and silver IIHIH

Designed by Tesseraux & Partner of Potsdam, BETTELUX Shape is a new variant in which the bath and washbasins are placed into powder-coated colored steel frames, remaining visible from all sides. The product is enamelled on both the outside and inside.

bettelux sinkframe cu IIHIHl2_p358063_2200_1515-5

In Black enamel and Rosé (pink) steel frame with copper faucets:
tub black and pink IIHIH
bettelux sink black and pink IIHIH

White enamel and Mint (green) steel frame with chrome faucets:
bettelux tub green and white IIHIH
bettelux sink green and white IIHIH

White enamel and white steel frame:
tub white and white IIHIH
bettelux sink white and white IIHIH

White enamel and black steel frame:
bettelux tub black and white cropped IIHIH
bettelux sink blk and white IIHIH

The precise corners of the bath and the washstand are flush within a powder-coated steel cubic frame available in six colors to match current interior and bath tiling trends.


Frame colours: White, black, taupe, sky, rosé, mint:

Mirrored shelves,  wall mirrors, shelves and side tables are also available within the collection.


BETTELUX SHAPE – Bath Dimensions (L x W x D / lying dimension):
170 x 75 x 45 cm / 1270 mm
180 x 80 x 45 cm / 1345 mm
190 x 90 x 45 cm / 1420 mm
Frame height: 58,5 cm

BETTELUX SHAPE – Washbasin Dimensions (L x W):
60 x 49,5 cm
80 x 49,5 cm
100 x 49,5 cm
Frame height: 90 cm


Bettelex Shape Collection

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