Gorgeous Danish Designed High End Turntables and Tonearms

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When design matters as much as sound, Bergmann Audio of Denmark’s airbearing* turntables and Linear tracking airbearing tonearms combine technology and looks for superior sound systems. The brand carries a small but impressive selection of high-end plinth turntables and tonearms.

Bergmann Audio Turntables and Tonearms

bergmann audi

The Danish designed products are named after Nordic Folklore. The turntables, named Galder, Modi and Magne, can be paired with one of their two tonearms Odin and Thor. In addition to the high-tech equipment, they also offer special luxurious 24c Gold-plated and Signature Black Velvet finish editions.

The Galder Turntable
The Galder is Bergmann`s answer to the most universal turntable design. It can accept 4 different tonearms and has an airbearing design in black-coated die cast aluminum.

The Galder turntable
The Galder turntable

In the Nordic Mythology, Galder means to enchant. A craft consisting of magic songs and spells.
A master of practice Galder craft, was said to be able to raise storms, make distant ships sink, make swords blunt, make armour decide victory or defeat in battles. Odin, a master of magic, was a God with great abilities to “Galdre”.
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Galder turntable specs and details here

Galder-Odin Signature

With the Galder-Odin Signature, they achieve even more depth and weight in the low frequencies. The transparency is dramatically improved, and the full sound image has become even more vivid. Vital parts are made of solid stainless steel. Such as the 36kg platter, the clamp, and the unique adjustable Galder feet.

The Galder Odin Signature edition
The Galder Odin Signature edition turntable

The Odin tonearm has been further developed for additional strength and stiffness, as well as even easier adjustment of the VTA and overhang.

The Odin Tonearm

specs and more detailed info

Galder & Odin Gold Edition
A fancy version of the Galder turntable with the Odin tonearm combines a deep black velvet finish and 24k gold-plating.

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Galder and Odin Gold Edition

gold-plated plinth and tonearm

24k luxury in design and sound. The Galder T.T. with Odin T.A. A beautiful and elegant combination of Black Velvet finish and 24 karat gold plating.

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• 24k gold plate
• High quality sound standards as the original
• Implemented airbearing technology
• User friendly vacuum hold down

The Modi Turntable

Modi Turntable in orange with Thor tonearm

The Modi turntable from Bergmann Audio is the brand’s entry level model – an affordable way to the advantage of their airbearing* technology. The Modi can accept either the Odin or the Thor tonearms.

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Modi Turntable in black and silver, shown with Thor (top) and Odin (bottom) tonearms

The name Modi means “courage” or “brave”. He is the son of Thor and Sif, and represents the characteristics of his father. He is told that he will survive Ragnarok and- together with his step brother MAGNE– carry on Thor’s strength and qualities.

Modi turntables from Denmark
The Modi turntable shown without tonearms in all black and black and silver

Modi Turntable specs and details here

The Magne Turntable
The Magne Turntable system is a fully airbearing turntable with lineair tracking airbearing tonearm.
The platter – centered by a spindel – floats on an air film and is extremely simple to adjust and operate.

The Magne turntable in black and white
The Magne turntable in black and white with Thor tonearm

Magne means “strength”. In Nordic mythology Magne is the super baby, son of Thor, the God of Thunder, and when he is three days old he is so strong that he can lift a dead giant away from his father, who is pinned underneath. Magne is one of the few Gods, who survive Ragnerok, the nordic armageddon, and rebuilds the new world.

The Thor tonearm
The Thor tonearm

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Complete specs on the Magne Turntable System.

The Magne Gold Edition
Magne airbearing turntable and tonearm system in Black Velvet and 24 Carat Gold plating. High fidelity sound as known from the original award winning Magne turntable.

24 carat gold accented turntable
Magne Gold edition

*About Airbearing Technology:
The platter is centered by a steel spindle, running in a very frictionless, low noise and hard wearing polymeric bearing material, and floats on a thin air cushion, which lowers the mechanical bearing noise to an absolute minimum- if any. (A traditional bearing solution, which keeps the platter centered AND supports the platter weight, makes a higher level of mechanical bearing noise because the contact point between spindle top and platter generates very high pressure – and hereby noise.)

By floating on an air cushion, the platter also gains the advantage of  isolation from the surroundings, same way as the known -and very expensive- air supported shelves, used in many high-end audio systems.

all information and images courtesy of Bergmann Audio