Audio Speakers have Midcentury Modern Aesthetic but Today’s Tech

davone danish style speakers

Several years back we introduced you to a speaker company whose wood-housed speakers were an homage to the iconic Midcentury Modern Eames lounge chair. Since then the Denmark brand has updated their product line both stylistically and technologically to comprise six sublime options.

Davone Danish Audio Speakers

modern audio speakers

Davone Danish Audio Speakers are nicely designed, critically acclaimed loudspeakers with a Midcentury-modern wood aesthetic. Their current product line is not only beautiful to look at, but also has been acclaimed for superior sound in both single room and multi-room systems. The wood cabinet, high quality loudspeakers are wireless or easily transformed with Davone’s wireless module.

Davone Audio loudspeakers
Davone Audio loudspeakers are made by hand in small quantities in Denmark

Davone Meander
danish design

Winner of the all-in-one product of the year 2022 by Hifi+, the Meander is a stereo, all-in-one music system that connects to your WiFi. Plug in the power, connect and control the Meander directly from the music apps you love. Or use simple voice commands to easily play your music. The great looking audio speakers now have built-in Airplay2, Chromecast, DLNA and Bluetooth and all the wireless connectivity you will ever need.

cone shaped wood audio speaker
The Davone Meander

Davon Reference One
danish audio speakers

Davon Reference One is their brand new, uncompromising flagship model, separating the complex harmonics with ease and keeping the music clean and precise. Due to the specially engineered Textreme membrane, sound is resonant free and wonderfully clean, neutral and fast. For all the technological details, go here.

Davone Audio flagship loudspeaker
The Davone Reference One
sophisticated loudspeakers
Reference One, from all angles

Davone Solo

contemporary loudspeaker design
The Davone Solo

The Davone Solo is a sensuous, high end, floor-standing loudspeaker available in walnut or teak wood. With optimal driver placement and clever internal acoustic, the Solo can be transformed into a high quality wireless loudspeaker with Davone’s wireless module. The module also replaces the analog cross-over with a Digital Sound Processor (DSP) and connects the amplifier direct to the individual loudspeakers. A step up compared to analog loudspeakers.

Davone Twist

Davone audio wood floor-standing loudspeakers
The Davone Twist

With the uniquely twisted side panels, the High Resolution cross-over and Danish designed drivers, the Twist is an optimized 2-way system for the serious listener. As a moderate sized elegant floor standing speaker, the Twist can blend in with many different styles of interior decor. And with the Davone wireless module, the Twist can be transformed into a high quality wireless loudspeaker.

Davone Moxie

The Davone Moxie
The Davone Moxie

The full and articulate bass, open midrange and clear highs define the elegantly curved Moxie. With the bass reflex port in the front, the speaker can be placed close to the rear wall or in a corner, taking up little precious floor space.

Davone Studio

small powerful loudspeaker
The Davone Studio

The Studio is a high quality monitor speaker placed on a tall dedicated stand. This position is a proven approach in high end audio and minimizes reflections. A small baffle and powerful 7” woofer delivers tailored output that compliments the typical room boost in the low frequencies. Freed from room acoustic concerns, the Studio impresses with its open sound and controlled power.

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Davone Audio

all images and information courtesy of Davone.