Vespas Get New Life As Autobalance Scooters and Task Chairs.

Bel & Bel give vespas new life

The Italian Vespa scooter has become an icon of design, of Italy and of youthful exuberance. Now designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel have turned the classic transportation into two-wheeled stand-up balance scooters and task chairs for the home or office.

Bel & Bel Give Vespas New Life

Founded in Florence, Italy in 1946 the Vespa brand has stood for freedom, fun and style for over 70 years. The short video below gives you an idea of the scooter’s history for the past 70+ years.

A little Vespa History illustrated for you. Almost 70 years, in less than 2 minutes:

bel&bel scooter chair

Now Carles Bel and Jesus Bel (who are not related despite sharing the same last name) have a company in Barcelona that upcycles vintage Vespas and turns them into useful and ergonomic office chairs and upright balance scooters.


New Edition
bel-bel vespa-scooter CHAIR

The Bel & Bel Scooter Chair is made from original parts of the legendary Italian scooter from the 80s. The chairs are available with or without arms, working tail lights and various other options. Re-using the chassis, Bel&Bel has created an original and unique type of swivel chair.

bel and bel vespa task chair

The Scooter Chair is manufactured, customized and handmade in full by Bel & Bel. It is a numbered series that comes with a Bel & Bel certificate of authenticity.

task chairs made from Vespas

The chair has a reclining feature, a reinforced internal structure and a base with hydraulic piston to regulate and adjust the height. The comfortable and ergonomic chair is upholstered in imitation leather and has soft tread silent wheels.

Scooter chairs

Its traditional character and high-end components make it a unique product and a great example of contemporary design.

repurposed vespa scooters

For lovers of the classic Vespa, the chair is a meaningful and attractive addition to a home or office.

task Chairs made from Vespa Scooters

The base model can be customized with a wide variety of extras (if you are interested in customizing your chair or need more info please contact them directly).

custom task chairs bel&bel

Width: 60 cm
Height: 120 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Approximate weight: 20 Kg
Available in all colors
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Special Gulf editions of the Scooter Chair and Zero Scooter
Special Gulf editions of the Scooter Chair and Zero Scooter


scooters turned into segways


Vespa segway

belybel Zero Scooters

Scooter Zero is the first self-balancing scooter design inspired by Corradino D’Ascanio, an Italian aeronautical engineer who had a vision of aesthetics that has endured over time.

Scooter Zero

The electronics and mechanics come from the world’s leading brand, NineBot®. Zero Scooter is a “conversion kit.” You can acquire the entire product (NineBot + kit) or just the kit to adapt to your base NineBot model. (model integrity and technical features will not be modified as result of the application of this kit. The final consumer retains all rights and officially guaranteed by the provider).

electronic scooter zero

Bel & Bel believe that with this product Electronic Vehicles will get closer to an audience that, until now, considered these objects out of reach and bring a fresh feel to this retro design piece with top technology.

bel bel zero scooters silver

bel bel zero scooter kickstand

segway-like scooters
belybel transportation design

Weight: 25kg
Reduced: 60cm wide
Custom: Infinite colors
Fast charging: 3-4 hours
Bluetooth App for: Apple & Android
Ecological: CO2-Free
Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS
Warranty: 2 years
Maximum load: 100kg
Maximum speed: 20km / h
Maximum inclination: 20 °
Mileage: 25km-30km

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Bel & Bel is a studio-workshop founded in 2005 by artists and designers Carles Bel and Jesus Bel. Graduates in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, they soon realized they were united by more things besides the name. No longer able to separate this curious coincidence from their surnames, they decided to incorporate it into a common project.

carlos bel and jesus bel
Carles Bel and Jesus Bel.

Their project began with the readjustment of old objects into functional ones and increasingly they were watching the final designs and projecting them into more innovative, more technological and customized personal pieces. Following this philosophy for 10 years they have managed to declare Bel & Bel as a designer brand for unique and limited pieces with a very recognizable style. Their works have been included in international exhibitions of Art and Design and published in the mass media. This expansion has made Bel & Bel a well known worldwide firm. A brand associated with the high “supra-recycling” standards.

Their workshop / studio / showroom is located in Barcelona in a farmhouse from the seventeenth century. After a deep rehabilitation process it has become a creative and versatile space where they develop our creations.

In 2015, thanks to a growing interest in the broadest spectrum of their pieces, Carles Bel and Jesus Bel moved forward and decided to collaborate with two good friends, Sebastian Perez & Roger Amat. They have helped them to turn Bel & Bel into a brand with higher productive potential.


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