Pantone on Draught. The Ultimate Color Guide For Beer Lovers, Beertone, Is Now Available.

Beertone Pantone Beer Guide

Beertone is a Pantone-like color guide that is truly useful for Beer enthusiasts. A brilliant idea from Alexander Michelbach and Daniel Eugster of Switzerland, they have captured accurate colors and compiled a color matching system in booklet form, featuring 202 beers from Switzerland and relevant information about them.

Beertone Pantone Beer Guide

Beertone Pantone Beer Guide

The project was successfully funded via their own social media crowdfunding campaign and is now selling the Swiss edition Beertone color charts, which began shipping April 15th.

Below is an ad and a video they created to promote the Beertone concept via social media:
beertone Pantone beer guide

What is on each card of the Beertone color chart:
Beertone Pantone Beer Guide design

Three purchase options – which all come with Beertone stickers and mats, make great gifts for the Beer Aficionados in your life:
Shop for the Beertone color matching system here.

Now, if only they’d sell the wonderfully branded pilsner glasses and beer mugs on their own…