Beard Baubles For Festive Facial Hair.

We all know beards are back. Big time. Now, besides keeping your chin warm and catching errant food crumbs, they can double as a holiday tree with the hilarious and ingenious Beard Baubles.

Beard Baubles For Festive Facial Hair

Putting things in your scruff isn’t a knew idea as we saw with Will It Beard?, but actually marketing a product to embellish a beard is a new one.

above: one of the images from Will it Beard,  one man’s experiment with objects that will adhere to his hairy chin

Advertising agency Grey London along with Beard Season, an community that invites you to grow your beard for winter, get a skincheck, and become an ambassador in the fight against melanoma, have come up with Beard Baubles. Beard baubles are a package of 14 shiny ornaments (10 large and 4 small) designed to nestle in that scruff and whose proceeds are donated to Beard Season.

The Daily Mail reports that “The success of the product is a happy accident – the business makes a Christmas card every year to send to clients and friends and this year decided to add a present to their message of seasonal cheer.” Ollie Dean of Grey London told the Daily Mail that “This year, the two designers Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford went one step further and came up with a festive gift idea to feature on our cards – Beard Baubles. It was a striking image.”

Priced at £7 per pack (or $11 USD) a pack, the baubles, which are already popular in Australia and the UK, have sold out but are expected to receive new stock today (according to the website). They currently ship to UK USA, Australia, NZ, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany.

Buy your Beard Baubles here

images courtesy of Beard Baubles and additional information courtesy of The Daily Mail