Luxury Shoe Brands Stomp Into 2023 With Big, Bold and BadAss Boots

badass shoe designs

Like all fashion, shoes go through trends. Platform boots, lug-soles and overdone sneakers have been in style for awhile now but instead of waning, many of the most expensive and elite brands are still embracing the oversized soles, biker boots and sky-high platforms that make our feet look like serious Shit-kickers. Given these examples of the latest designs to hit the market, it looks as though they expect us to have to wade through a lot more crap in 2023.

BadAss Shoe Designs

Once just an accessory, like a belt or hat, the shoe has turned into a statement piece that can compete with the outfit for attention, much like the exorbitantly-priced heels of Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choo (albeit, with a little help from Sarah Jessica Parker). But now the statement shoe is a bold one. A big, in-your-face, look-at-my-feet, I-can-kick-your-butt, pair of shoes.

toes of boots overhead
Prada’s monolith and Leather Nylon Boots

Certain coveted brands have really pushed the envelope with their latest shoe designs for both men and women, predominantly Balmain. Lifting us off the ground, in some cases by as much as 8 inches, we’re certain to cut a swath through the shit we’ve been wading through the past few years in any one of these.

Balmain Leather Platform Boots

Platform Boots of calfskin from Balmain
Platform Boots of calfskin from Balmain

With 12 cm-thick platform soles and made of Italian lambskin, Balmain’s boots may look a bit “Frankenstein’s Monster” to some but, priced at $7,795.00, they’re more likely aimed at the Doctor.

Balmain's $8k Leather platform boots
Balmain Atelier’s $8k Leather platform boots.

Givenchy Shark Lock Boots

Givenchy Shark Lock Boots with Pins
Givenchy Shark Lock Boots with Pins

Givenchy’s stylish Shark Lock Biker boots come in various colors, materials and heights, but the grained leather version with pins is the pièce de la resistance of the collection priced at $6750.00

Givenchy Shark Lock Biker Boots with pins
Givenchy Shark Lock Biker Boots with pins, $6,750

Prada Monolith Leather and Nylon Boots
Prada’s Monolith Leather and Nylon boots are the Italian brand’s interpretation of Biker Boots with lighter weight materials and look combat-ready – with a place to hold your lipstick. priced at $2,200.00

prada boots
Monolith leather and nylon boots by Prada, $2200

Prada also sells a lower version of the boot for $1690

Prada "Combat" Boots in Ivory and Army Green,
Prada “Combat” Boots in Ivory and Army Green, $1690

Balenciaga Bulldozer Boots

The Bulldozer Lace Up Boot by Balenciaga
The Bulldozer Lace Up Boot by Balenciaga, $1,850

The Bulldozer Lace Up Boots from Balenciaga come with or without the white detailing. Either way, it’s clear that their big ol’ tractor-like sole was the inspiration for the name. The boots are also available in a pull on version as well. Prices vary.

Balenciaga's Bulldozer Lace Up Booties
Balenciaga’s Bulldozer Lace Up Boots without white detailing, $1,850

Balmain Volt Leather Boot

Balmain Volt Leather Boot
Balmain, Volt Leather Boot, $3,150.

If you want to ski where there is no snow, Balmain has even introduced a faux ski boot. The Volt calfskin leather boot with adjustable gold-toned hook fasteners mimics the look of classic ski boots for $3150.00 USD.

Volt leather boots by Balmain with gold tone hardware
Volt leather boots by Balmain with gold tone hardware

DG Napa-Effect Wave Mid Top… Sneakers?  Boots? Handbags?

Dolce e Gabbana's DG Napa Wave Sneakers
DG Napa-Effect Wave Mid-Top Sneakers, $1145

Dolce and Gabbana‘s Napa-Effect (that means pleather) Wave mid-top Sneakers look more like handbags than shoes. Like little leather cinch bags for your feet. But they have a chunky rubber sole that wraps around three soft pads to cushion your step. And they’re bound to confuse many people. So, there’s that. $1145.00 USD

DG Wave mid top cu
A closer look at the Napa-effect Wave shoe from Dolce Gabbana

B-Bold knit wedge trainers

balmain monogram wedge crosstrainer
B-Bold knit wedge trainers with tone-on-tone Balmain monogram

The thick platform soles and gold metallic inserts on these $1,295 mesh knit Wedge trainers from Balmain are sure to make them stand out from everyone else’s at 24-hr Fitness.

B-Bold knit wedge trainers with tone-on-tone Balmain monogram
Balmain’s Knit wedge trainers for people who don’t train.

And when it comes to sneakers, Balmain’s got the edge there, too, with their Unicorn Sneaker and B-IT High-top mules.

Balmain's Leather and Neoprene Unicorn Sneaker
Balmain’s Leather and Neoprene Unicorn Sneaker, $1350
Balmain's B-IT hight-top mules
Balmain’s B-IT hight-top mules in quilted leather $1295

When you’re through wearing your big ol’ bad ass, butt-kickers, you’ll want to slip into something a little more comfortable. Might we suggest the bright and bold Sunburst Fluffy platforms from Bottega Veneta?

Bottega Fluffy Pump
Bottega Veneta’s Fluffy Pump, $2200