Real Bullets Turn These Watches Into Timepieces Of The Coolest Caliber.

Artya No-Refusal2- IIHIH

Exclusive: Son of a Gun watches by ArtyA are the first to contain real bullets (from 6 mm to 44 Magnum) and cartridges. With tons of unique models, the patent-protected Swiss manufactured timepieces will blow you away. Figuratively speaking.

SOAG Gklasnist at colette 2 IIHIH

Artya-Son-Of-A-Gun-Tourbillon-n wrist IIHIH

At this year’s Baselworld, the annual horology show for the trade, Yvan Arpa and his ArtyA watches unveiled yet more unusual timepieces for the collector or connossieur. The relatively new brand released more limited edition and one of a kind models with hand-made dials in their Son Of A Gun collection.


Yvan Arpa stands as one of the most audacious and avant–garde watch creators alive. After his work experience with Baume & Mercier, Hublot, Jacob & Co. and Romain Jerome, he launched his own Brand, called ArtyA (he is also one of the founders of the Spero Lucem brand.  Like he had done while CEO at Romain Jerome with the Titanic and Moon Dust watches, Arpa uses unusual materials.

yvan_arpa wearing SOAG watch

Some of his Artya watches contain real butterfly wings, shredded euros, and even dinosaur dung. They all have anti-reflection Sapphire Crystals, high-end Swiss Automatic or Quartz movements and come with a luxury strap made of either Porosus hornback (a rare Australian Croco skin), Alligator, Shark Skin, Veal, Satin, Kevlar – even Fish and Toad skins.

“Guns don’t always kill people, time does” – a favorite quote of  ArtyA watch founder Yvan Arpa.

All ArtyA watches are entirely manufactured in Geneva and powered by a high and Swiss made automatic or manual movement. The cases are available in 47 mm or 44mm. Five different patents protect the timepiece.

artya target with bullets around IIHIH

The ArtyA collections can be divided in six different families, fitting into seven different watch cases, ranging from 38 mm up to 47mm. All the hand-made dials in the various collections are made by artist Dominique Arpa-Cirpka, applying numerous techniques – most of which have never before been used in this industry.

beretta and artya IIHIH

Another characteristic of ArtyA is the constant evolution of the brand and its models – collections stay, but the watches are all very limited in number, with many of them being unique pieces. ArtyA unveils key new creations during Baselworld, but the manufacture’s brainstorming never stops.

The SON OF A GUN (SOG) collection is composed of the following 5 subcategories.
Note: Because the U.S. ArtyA site and the Japanese ArtyA site feature a different number of watches within some of their collections on the respective sites, links to both sites are shown.

The original SOG in steel, black or alternatively, PVD, has a 47 mm case with real bullets suspended inside the watch, and an engraved target on the bezel and dial. The mini automatic Swiss movement oscillating mass at the back is made using real cartridges to further enhance this masterpiece.

Below are some examples from the Tradition collection:
No Refusal:
Tradition collection No-Refusal IIHIH

No Refusal, Blue Steel:
Tradition No-Refusal-Blue Steel IIHIH

Quiet Riot:
artya Quiet-Riot IIHIH

Artya Believer1 IIHIH

See the full Tradition Collection here or the full Tradition Collection in Japan here

The Bicolor SOG also features ArtyOr, a new, patented alloy manufactured with gold, zinc and copper taken from used bullet cartridges, and an added target on both bezel and dial.

Below are some examples from the Bi-Color Collection:
Tough Enough:
Tough-Enough IIHIH

Don’t Shout 2:

Don’t Shout 4:

Don’t Shout 5:
Dont-Shout5 IIHIH

The Judge 1 Tourbillon:
The Judge 1 Tourbillon

The Judge 2 Tourbillon:
Bicolor-Tourbillon IIHIH

See the full Bi-Color collection here and the full Bi-Color Collection in Japan here

The SOG target has a very pure design with NO Bullets – just an engraved target to serve as a daily reminder of your life objectives.

Below are some examples from the Target Collection.
Target Silver:
Target silver and black IIHIH

Target Black:

Target Black and Red:
target silver and red IIHIH

Target With 144 Diamonds:
Target with 144 diamonds IIHIH

See the full Target Collection here or the full Target Collection in Japan here

The SOG Russian Roulette features a fast-spinning dial with six apertures, mirroring the bullet chambers on a six-shooter – and only one being set with a real bullet. An entirely skeletonized, mechanical, patented movement (namely the ArtyA 357) recreates the shape of a revolver barrel, adding a new dimension to this 44 classic case that also includes lateral ArtyOr inserts.

Below are some examples from the Russian Roulette Collection.
Russian-Roulette-Glasnost-G1 IIHIH

Full Black:
Russian-Roulette-A1Black IIHIH

Russian-Roulette-Chocolat IIHIH

Desert Eagle:
Russian-Roulette-Desert-Eagle01 IIHIH

Python Set:
Artya Python-Set Diamonds IIHIH

See the full Russian Roulette Collection here and the full Russian Collection in Japan here

The SOG Werewolf features a silver bullet, or multiple silver bullets, hand-forged on the night of a full moon, and aims to keep modern-day vampires at bay.

Below are some examples from the Werewolf collection.
The Dispatcher 1:

The Dispatcher 2:

The Dispatcher 4:

The Peacemaker 1:

The Peacemaker 2:
Peacemaker2 IIHIH

The Zombie Killer:

See the full Werewolf collection here or the full Werewolf collection in Japan here

The backs of the Bi-Color Tourbillon, the Target, the Traditional and the Werewolf watches from ArtyA’s Son of A Gun Collection:
Artya-Son-of-a-Gun-watch backs IIHIH

You can purchase these watches online right here in the U.S.

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