Artist Dan Golden Introduces His Cartoon Throw Pillow Collection – and Rugs, too!

Dan Golden Cartoon Pillows

Dan Golden Cartoon Pillows. A longtime fan of Dan Golden’s whimsical and downright hilarious hand-tufted cartoon rugs (shown further down in this post), I was thrilled to hear that he’s launching a pillow collection with some of the same designs this coming November.

Dan Golden Cartoon Pillows

Below are the designs for Dan Golden Pillows

alien rug

Crazy New Shit:
crazy new shit rug

Greater Than Picasso:
greater than picasso

The Harvey Weintraub Experience:

I Love Bob Newhart:
Dan Golden Cartoon Pillows bob newhart

Keep Dogs Off Grass:
keep dogs off grass

Knack Cover Band:

Morphine is the best medicine:
morphine pillow

Ned – Keepin’ it real:
Dan Golden Cartoon Pillows

Nudist Colony:
Dan Golden Cartoon Pillows

dane golden home decor

dan golden studio

The pillow collection is now available for pre-order. The national retail launch will be in November.

Each pillow is 18″x18″, hand silk-screened organic cotton with down inserts.

Pillows are $130. (shipping & handling is $20 US and $55 International)

The first 25 orders of each design will come with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Dan Golden’s Cartoon Rugs

His Cartoon rugs are no longer available for purchase but here’s a look at them:

See more of Dan Golden’s work here.