The 10 Best 2022 Edible Advent Calendars on Amazon

best 2022 edible advent calendars

If you’re going to eat your countdown to Christmas, forget the little waxy chocolates and jars of jam. There are much better and more unique alternatives available. These are the best and most unusual options for 2022 Edible Advent Calendars available from Amazon. From premium chocolate covered black licorice balls or shortbread to beef jerky and cheese assortments, there’s something for everyone.

The 10 Best 2022 Edible Advent Calendars

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW – Gourmet Licorice Advent Calendar 2022
For the licorice lover, there’s these chocolate coated licorice balls made in Denmark (powered by wind energy!) that are beautifully packaged in 75% recycled, FSC-certified gray cardboard.
lakrids bulow licorice advent calendar
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The Super Garden Healthy Advent Calendar.
Filled with organic, sugar free, freeze dried berries, fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor. Winner of best new Natural and organic food product in 2018.
Healthy food super garden advent calendar 2022
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Walker’s Shortbread Advent Calendar.
The shortbread cookie advent calendar that provides a delicious bite sized treat for each day of December. Includes 8 Shortbread Fingers, 8 Mini Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies, 4 Shortbread Hearts, 3 Shortbread Rounds, 4 Salted Caramel Shortbread Squares, and 1 Shortbread Star; comes in a beautiful box.

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The 2022 Cheese Advent Calendar.
The Aldi Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar is out again this year. It has 24 Festive Mini Cheeses ranging from Gouda to Smoked Cheddar.
2022 cheese advent calendar
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Popcorn Shed Gourmet Popcorn Advent Calendar 2022
24 bags of handmade holiday flavored popcorn: Butterscotch, Cocoa Caramel, Cherry Pie, Christmas Pudding, Chocolate Orange and Gingerbread Popcorn.
2022 gourmet popcorn advent calendar
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The Mystic Sprinkles Advent Calendar
Sprinkles Galore!  contains 25 individual servings of 1.5 teaspoons of various Holiday Themed Dessert Toppings such as sprinkles, nonpareils, edible confetti, & sugars.

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The 100% Raw Honey Advent Calendar.
24 varietal 100% blossom nectar honey with no artificial colors, flavors or additives from Meyer Bees farm.
honey advent calendar 2022
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Sugarfina 24 Tastes Advent Calendar.
A keepsake Candy Carousel filled with their handcrafted candies: champagne bears, strawberry champagne bears, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, rose all day bears, dark roast espresso beans, peach bellini, lemon shortbread cookies and many more.
Sugarfina 24 Tastes of A Candy Carousel
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Beef Jerky Advent Calendar
Contains 25 flavored jerky treats. Ghost Pepper to Sarsaparilla to Root Beer Habanero and more, Man Crates’ Jerky Advent Calendar is a festive feast of merry meats that will last all season long.
beef jerky advent calendar
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2022 Tea Forte’s Advent Calendar
Okay so tea isn’t edible but the beautiful packaging design for this year’s Tea Forte’s Advent Calendar is why it made it on our list. Includes 1 of each flavor, 24 flavors in all. The black teas, green teas, white and herbal teas include something for everyone. Spicy and warm, full-bodied organic teas for the ultimate tea lover.
Tea Forte advent calendar
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Should you still want the traditional Godiva chocolates or Bonne Maman fruit spreads, you can find those edible advent calendars available here.