Anatomical Motorcycle Suit Features The Very Organs It’s Designed To Protect.

Anatomical Motorcycle Suit

While I do believe that there’s no better way to wear your insides on your outsides than to drive a motorcycle, if you must ride a death machine, these are probably some of the coolest leathers in which you could safely clad your bod.

Anatomical Motorcycle Suit

Anatomical Motorcycle Suitdeath star custom anatomy suit

This one-off collaboration between Death Spray Custom (who make super sick custom designs for most things that move) and Alpinestars technical sports apparel, features human anatomy appliques in bovine and kangaroo leathers and suede on a black protective suit with red meshliner.

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custom leather motorcycle suit

Exploring the relationship between protection and the human body, Alpinestars and artist, Death Spray Custom, collaborated to create a unique and visually striking race suit.

The “Anatomy” suit, designed by London-based Death Spray Custom was hand built in Alpinestars’ race factory in Northern Italy as part of a consistent effort to fuse art, design, technology and racing. Alpinestars invited DSC to their European headquarters last year to consult with technicians and explore the idea of creating a custom collaborative suit that would offer the same amount of protection as a standard Alpinestars suit, but with an artistic agenda. DSC, who frequently draws from motorsports and all forms of transportation for inspiration, is an avid motorcyclist and all-around bonafied gear head. He saw this partnership as new medium and a new canvas to apply his craft.

“Human anatomy is a theme I have much fascination with and is something I’ve often visited in previous works. The anatomy model is a visual motif that, even from an early age, was intriguing as a timeless piece of art in itself. Part sculpture, part puzzle and all educational.” said DSC. “We see it referenced culturally in many ways from Hirst to Kaws, though my inspiration was an artist from a different field, AMA legend David Aldana. He raced in black leathers with a white skeleton over print. (Think dirt track Donnie Darko). I wanted to create the next generation version. It’s a very simple idea, the best ideas often appear that way.”

Elaborating on the project and why Alpinestars was the ideal partner, he said, “I guess the conflict of protection and the human body is never more apparent than in motorcycles and motor sport. Obviously Alpinestars understands that dichotomy more than anyone. Combining that knowledge with their technical and creative expertise made for a unique and compelling project.”

anatomical motorcycle suit
studio photography by Neil Bridge

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