Amy Schumer as Star Wars Princess Leia for GQ – All The Photos & More.

Amy Schumer as Princess Leia for GQ

Promoting her first movie, Trainwreck, comedy’s newest “It Girl”, the hilarious blonde and bawdy Amy Schumer, is featured on the cover of GQ’s Comedy Issue as Star Wars’ Princess Leia. The gentlemen’s magazine also features a sexy sci-fi photo editorial of Schumer gettin’ it on with the galaxy’s most beloved droids in these amusing photos by Mark Seliger.

schumer light saber crop IIHIHschumer-alt cover for GQ IIHIH

Schumer poses for Seliger as a partying and promiscuous Princess Leia. Wearing the now iconic Star Wars’ white hooded gown and sexy bikini seen on Carrie Fisher in the original 1977 movie, you’ll find her alongside our favorite Wookie and droids R2-D2 and C-3P0.

Amy Schumer as Princess Leia for GQ

The Princess embarks on a night on the town with the alien gang from Lucas’ legendary film:
amy-schumer-chewy c3p0 back seat-IIHIH
schumer c3po back seat crop IIHIShe boozed it a up at the local tavern and danced on the bar:
schumer leia dancing on bar full image IIHIH
schumer leia dancing on bar IIHIHKicked up her heels:
amy-schumer-gq-rockette shot IIHIH
schumer droid rockette crop IIHIHAnd shared a post-coital smoke with R2-D2 and C-3PO:
schumer droids in bed full IIHIH
schumer droids in bed crop IIHIHThe Cover:
amy-schumer-gq-cover IIHIHAmy’s Alternate cover (for which Amy took a shot at writing her own cover lines):
amy-schummer-alternate cover IIHIH

In the video below Amy speaks her mind on the least sexy place people get it on, the absolute worst thing a lover could say to her parents, and the real reason this unconventional woman took on the archetypal rom-com:
all images courtesy of GQ Magazine

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