Amazon Launches Day One Editions: New Alexa-Enabled Wearable Tech

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What are Amazon Day One Editions? It’s a new way for the company to get new products out in limited volume to customers and to get real feedback. If they find that customers love them, Amazon will build a lot more. The first new Amazon Day One Editions to be launched are some whiz-bang tech products you can wear: Alexa-enabled Ear buds, a unisex ring named The Echo Loop and eyeglass frames called Echo Frames. Read on for all the cool details.

Amazon Day One Editions

amazon day one editions

Starting today Amazon is launching new Alexa and Echo-enabled devices under the umbrella of Day One Editions.

Echo Frames

The first Amazon Day One Edition product is Echo Frames – Alexa-enabled glasses that let you get more done and be more present.

They look like regular prescription glasses (without a prescription, but you can add one), and they’re comfortable, weighing only 31 grams.

They don’t have a camera or display to get in the way—they’re all about all-day access to Alexa on-the-go while keeping your hands, ears, and eyes free to engage with the world around you.

Learn more about Echo Frames here.

Echo Frames and Echo Loop will be available in limited volumes by invite only. Interested? You may request an invitation here

The invite price reflects Amazon’s desire to get feedback from customers. Echo Frames will be available for a special price of $179.99 during the invite period. Echo Loop will be $99.99 during the invite period. Both will begin shipping later this year.

The Echo Loop
echo loop

The second Day 1 Edition product is called Echo Loop. It’s an Alexa-enabled smart ring packed with ways to stay on top of your day.

It has 2 microphones activated by a button tap. With Echo Loop, you’ll have more information at your finger tips – literally.

Echo Loop has a two-microphone, the smallest speaker ever on an Echo device, and a haptic engine that vibrates discreetly when you receive notifications or an incoming call, or to signal that the button has been pressed and Alexa is streaming your request to the cloud. It’s a ton of technology packed into this small form factor.

Paired with your phone, this ring lets you access information throughout the day. It’s super easy to connect with Alexa without breaking stride or digging out your phone, for those simple things like turning on the lights or calculating the tip on your lunch bill. Simply press a button talk softly to Alexa and then the answer comes discretely through a small speaker built into the ring.

alexa-enabled ring

Learn more about the Echo Loop here.

Echo Buds
amazon echo buds

Meet Echo Buds, the first Echo wearable to offer customers hands-free access to Alexa, on-the-go. When Amazon set out to build Echo Buds, they looked at what customers would want from earbuds. Excellent sound. To do that, each earbud has two premium, balanced armature drivers, inspired by those used by professional musicians. These deliver crisp, clear vocals, and dynamic bass.

Echo Buds have 5 hours of battery life with just the earbuds and up to 20 hours of battery life with the case.

When talking with customers, something came back consistently. Easy-to-use noise reduction was critical. We’re excited to be working with Bose to incorporate Bose Active Noise Reduction technology into Echo Buds for customers.

To help you navigate your everyday life, with a double tap, you can turn on and off the noise reduction for pass through mode if you want to clearly hear the world around you.

You can also tap and hold to access your phone’s voice services like Siri or Google Assistant.

Echo Buds are helpful in so many ways, including shopping. We worked with the Whole Foods team to make this experience really delightful in store. For example, you’ll be able to ask Alexa if Whole Foods has canned tomatoes in stock as well as where you can find canned tomatoes.

Echo Buds are available for pre-order here starting today for $129.99 and will start shipping in October.

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