Alfa Launches Two Wild New Wood-Fired Outdoor Ovens

Alfa :Pizza ovens

The Venere (Venus) and Marte (Mars) are two new crazy looking products from Italy’s Alfa, manufacturers of high-end wood-fired ovens for consumers and professionals.

Alfa Venere and Marte Pizza Ovens

Alfa Venere and Marte Pizza Ovens
The new Marte wood fire oven from Alfa

Alfa Living products were created to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers and establish new standards of quality for wood fired ovens. Pizza, bread and pie lovers have several outstanding and beautifully designed products to choose from.

All of their products are carefully projected and handmade in the Anagni factory, close to Rome. Every oven is provided with a weatherproof exterior with a two-layer painting, a double-thickness refractory fireclay cooking top, a cooking chamber made of special steel resistant to high temperatures up to 1,000° C / 1,832° F. and door glass – up to 800° C / 1,472° F.

Alfa Venere wood fire oven
detail of the Alfa Venere wood fire oven

The brand carries many stunningly good looking domestic and professional wood-fired pizza ovens, but these two, introduced this year, have a different feel and aesthetic than the rest of their products.

The Venere and The Marte are two new unusual outdoor wood fire ovens that look nothing like anything out there. Each unusually shaped baking oven takes 35 minutes to heat up and can cook 6 pizzas at a time. In 15 minutes they can cook 24 pizzas.

The Alfa Venere (Venus)
Alfa Venus pizza oven

Venere, the goddess born from the waters, has inspired the design of this oven. A brand new way of interpreting the wood fired oven: it is an amazing cooking instrument as well as an object with sinuous and elegant shapes that fits perfectly in the world’s most beautiful homes.

Physical specs:
Cooking floor area: 0.84 m2
Cooking floor size: 120×70
Exhaust: Ø 20 Width: 173 cm Depth: 121 cm
Total height: 90 cm
Weight: 250 kg
Oven mouth width: 76 cm
Oven mouth height: 23 cm
Base available in Ice White or Diamond Grey

The Alfa Marte (Mars)
Alfa Mars pizza oven

Mars’ energy enclosed into an innovative oven. The Marte is more aggressively shaped than the Venus with its geometric planes that make marked light and shadow.

Physical specs:
Cooking floor area: 0.84 m2
Cooking floor size: 120×70
Exhaust: Ø 20 Width: 168 cm Depth: 119 cm
Total height: 100 cm
Weight: 250 kg
Oven mouth width: 70 cm
Oven mouth height: 20 cm
Base available in Diamond Grey

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Alfa dedicated sites:

Alfa 1977 is the parent company of the four brands: skillful hands, ancient gestures and unique flavours. An Italian heritage made of love for our artistic and culinary traditions.

Alfa Living Care, sophistication and elegance make Alfa Living ovens more than just cooking tools. Unique products that combine unmistakable design with functionality and technological know-how. They are conceived not only with an aesthetic purpose but mostly in order to prepare tasty dishes that will thrill your friends. Born from the need to have a line of ovens that double as real pieces of furniture to better enjoy your home and your garden. A beautiful and powerful flame enclosed in a “piece of art” oven will become a key attraction for your guests.

Alfa Ref incarnates the affection for solid, robust, timeless materials that have always been handed down through our families. The fire and the flame guarded by the bricks become a rendezvous for sharing stories, smiles and values. The refractory material takes the form of innovative products, designed to convey these feelings to the current generation by updating traditions.

Alfa Pizza
The passion for the excellence of wood-fired oven cooking and the ambition to make it accessible to everyone: this is Alfa Pizza! Experimenting with new recipes and flavours by using fresh ingredients to have fun with your friends. A rich taste of food cooked to perfection as only wood fire can guarantee. The Alfa Pizza product resumes the elements of traditional cooking like the firebrick oven floor blending them, through Forninox technology, with innovative materials to use it in a fast and easy way.

Alfa Pro
Bringing back the tradition of an excellent cooking with the direct heat of the flame to the centre stage of current restaurant industry: this is Alfa Pro’s mission! Cooking with the direct heat of the flame is the lifeblood of Evolution ovens that, allowing to cook just in front of you, turn fresh ingredients into deliciously succulent food. The Alfa Pro oven will be the chef’s best ally when preparing all his appetizing, tradition-laden recipes. There were unexpressed needs in the restaurant industry; we are proud to help meet them to the delight of millions of customers that love direct-flame cooking.