A ‘Snow Beasts’ MINI and Custom Burton Snowboards by Illustrator Andreas Preis.

andreas preis for mini and burton

A creative collaboration between MINI, Burton Snowboards and urban artist Andreas Preis resulted in hand-painted Burton snowboards and a decked out MINI Paceman, all created for the Burton European Open in Laax.

Andreas Preis for MINI and Burton

Snowbeasts MINI and custom Snowboards

Snow Beasts' MINI and Custom Burton Snowboards

MINI custom by andreas preis

A matte white MINI Cooper D ALL4 Paceman was given to Preis to use as a blank canvas. Left to the creative devices of Andreas, the car was transformed into the MINI Paceman SNOW BEAST.

andreas preis for MINI

Highlighting the MINI maxim of Creative Use of Space, he went to work emblazoning each side with heraldic creatures of the highlands, or SNOW BEASTS, as he calls them. The five emblematic animals include: the lynx for its gracefulness, the eagle for its vision, the ibex for ambition, the wolf for teamwork, and the owl for its wisdom.

andreas preis for MINI

“SNOW BEASTS all have properties that make them role models for people who move in the mountains and snow,” Andreas explained while a warm winter sun shone through the glass of the MINI C_ART Container. “Snowboarders move with grace, ambition, vision and wisdom and have the most fun when they’re on a team. These technical and aesthetic qualities of SNOW BEASTS are what I wanted to express on the MINI.”

Snow Beast snowboards for burton

A dedicated snowboarder (and skateboarder) himself, Andreas imbued the installation with his first-hand knowledge of these qualities… and may have done some extra research while on site. “During the breaks I was able to get together with the Burton and MINI crew and put in a few runs, which was really cool. I’m definitely not as good as the kids competing, but I love to ride.”

The beautiful snowboards:
andreas preis burton snowboard

andreas preis burton snowboard

In addition to the patina he gave the MINI Paceman, Andreas’s stickers and hand-painted MINI custom SNOW BEASTS snowboards were given away to lucky riders both on site and online.

Andreas Preis with one of his custom Burton snowboards
Andreas Preis with one of his custom Burton snowboards that was raffled off at the event.

You can also find some of Andreas’ illustrative work for sale here at Society 6

information and images courtesy of MINI , Burton, and Andreas Preis