Hard To Get More Personal Than A Ring From Your Poo.

Designer Nikolas Gregory has devised a way to turn your body’s digestive tract into a ring-making machine. The Ripley is a kit that contains organic, digestible materials that once passed through your system will allow you to excrete a wearable ring, complete with colored jewels.

A Ring From Your Poo

How? you are undoubtedly asking.

A Ring From Your Poo

The kit contains edible abrasives, polishing, food coloring and a gold ring blank that you are to ingest.

Once in your stomach, the acids will break down the top layer of the ring to expose clear jewels underneath. Once the materials pass into the ilium, the acids will have been neutralized and the ring will begin its tumbling process. The patina is a result of one’s individual stomach contents.

Nikolas tells Dezeen that “While citric acid from fruit and soda tends to pit the base material, lactose and calcium aggregate and deposit on the surface.” He adds “Not surprisingly, it has been found that popcorn and almonds produce a spectacular finish while banana, apple and pasta leave the surfaces muted.”

The ring is then extracted from your fecal matter. Let it harden and the dyes will color the jewels on the ring’s surface. Then polish it and voila! A personal poo ring.

Only a spec product, the Ripley Kit (named after the sci-fi alien from Dreamcatcher who killed its prey by ripping through their anus) was designed by Gregory as a concept for a future when food has been replaced by non-agricultural alternatives, and the human digestive system is under-used.