A Modern Penthouse Renovation With Indoor Pool Overlooking France’s Loire River.

Penthouse Renovation With Indoor Pool

Located on France’s l’île de Nantes on the Loire river, is this wildly modern penthouse with indoor pool renovated by architects Avignon et Clouet.

Penthouse With Indoor Pool

Penthouse With Indoor Pool

With transparent interior walls, modules for sleeping, a retractable wall mounted staircase, an indoor pool, the 185 square meter penthouse has views from every angle.

The indoor pool:

Kitchen and Dining area:

Sleeping modules:

Living areas:

The stairwell (above and below) is wall-mounted and retractable

An overhead look at France’s l’île de Nantes:

Exterior view of the building in which the penthouse is located:

Floor plans:

photos courtesy of Avignon et Clouet,Stephane Chalmeau, Philippe Ruault and Thierry Malty.