Treehotel in Sweden Adds 7th Room by Snohetta

the 7th room by snohetta

Each suite at the Treehotel is elevated off the ground, placing its guests among the tall treetops of Northern Sweden. Each is designed by a different architect or firm. The 7th Room is the hotel’s newest.

The 7th Room by Snohetta

the 7th room by snohetta

When we first brought The Treehotel in Northern Sweden to your attention, it hadn’t yet opened and there weren’t any photographs, so we wowed you with computer generated images and architectural plans of the 6 room designs. That was over ten years ago and since that time, the hotel not only set off a trend in Treehouse rental accommodations but has since added a 7th room by architects Snohetta.

We are big fans of Snohetta’s work having previously shared with you their innovative self-sustaining hotel SVART and their wild, submerged restaurant, Under.

The 7th Room exterior has a burnt wood finish, completely unlike that of the other rooms, and is held up by 12 columns which reduces the load borne by the trees. An imposing staircase, offering views as high as 10 meters, leads to the entry.

The 55-square meter space is designed to create a place for living. With two bedrooms, a social lounge area, bathroom, and the airy terrace, the cabin accommodates up to five guests.

snohetta cabin at treehotel

The space is laid out on two levels with only 30 cm difference in height. The lounge area, named the Northern Lights Lounge, is located on the lower floor, while the bedrooms are on the upper level with the beds embedded in the floor.

Once inside the cabin you enter into the lounge. Designed to be a social space, it has a a built-in wood banquet and north-facing, floor-to-ceiling windows that gives you the penultimate view of the Aurora Borealis on a clear day.

Scandinavian wooden interiors and textiles are embellished with Norwegian furniture designer Hans Brattrud’s iconic Scandia Chairs, simple round tables and a temperature-controlled fireplace that lights itself when temperatures reach a low level on winter nights.

In addition to panoramic windows, the two bedrooms each of which have two beds each (there’s an extra bed in the lounge) have skylights for even more natural light.

Each of the two bedrooms have Alvar Aalto‘s classic wooden stools, and specially designed overhead reading lights of wood stained black by Ateljé Lyktan have piano hinges for easy adjustment.

sweden treehotel snohetta

reading lamp by ateljel yktan

In the center of the suite, there’s a terrace whose floor is a net wrapped around a naturally growing pine. Perfectly safe, the transparent railing allows you to take in the view of the Lule River Valley. You can even sleep out there in a sleeping bag.

tree hotel sweden

The bathroom and shower have eco-friendly features. All of the Treehotel tree rooms have incinerating toilets and our sustainable Rukkamoinika water system with 3 litres of water for washing your hands.

For summer stays, the room has built in AC, but you can also feel the summer breeze by opening the large sliding doors that face the net terrace, both from the lounge and the two bedrooms.

Architect: Snøhetta
Designed for 5 people. Two double beds and a bed sofa.
Construction companies: Vittjärvshus
Lighting: Atelje Lyktan

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