LevenBetts 8,000 sqft Beach House in Amagansett NY

36SML Beach house

This large single family house, 36SML Beach House, designed by New York architecture firm LevenBetts is far from your typical waterfront bungalow. The home redefines single family living by breaking up the interior and exterior spaces into three parts. Designed as a three-spoked home with three yards- each for a specific activity – it also includes multiple sun decks, an amphitheater and views of the ocean. The home has a concrete paneled exterior and a light cool white and wood interior.

LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

modern beach house

36SML Beach House

Dividing a 1-1/4 acre square lot into three yards, the house re-configures the typical suburban lot organization of front yard / back yard where the driveway is in the front and the pool is in the back. In contrast, 36SML House has three yards. Each yard is programmed according to its activity: a recreation yard toward the south with a pool, a garden yard facing west and an auto yard for cars, motorcycles and go-karts.

Framing each yard, the house becomes a three spoke division between these yards. At the ground floor the three spokes divide into a living wing, kitchen wing and garage wing.

LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

The second floor is divided into a wing for the master suite, a wing for the three teenagers’ bedrooms, and a three-bedroom guest wing.

glass-enclosed bath

LevenBetts 36SML Beach House bunk beds

At the intersection of the three spokes at the second floor is an outdoor/ indoor space with wooden steps creating an amphitheater. Accent rear-projection film allows movies to be projected directly onto the surface of the sliding glass doors.

LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

At the ground level, the space below the ampitheatre is the drive through breezeway providing access to the garage and auto courtyard.

modern luxury home

At the ends of each spoke on the second level, the house cantilevers out off of its first floor base. The braced steel structure is designed to resist gravity loads as well as the intense lateral wind loads that occur near the beach. These structural elements are visible throughout the house through the large glass openings at the ground level.

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The interior combines concrete finishes with white oak floors and cabinets.

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LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

The basement level of the house includes a living area and an extra bunk room that can sleep another six people.

LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

The house is clad in concrete panels: GFRC custom formed panels at the lower level and smooth cement board panels on the upper level. The windows have sliding perforated aluminum screens for sun shading and privacy.

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LevenBetts 36SML Beach House

LevenBetts architecture

36SML Beach House
LOCATION: Amagansett NY
PRQJECT TYPE: Single Family House
SIZE: 8,000 sf
LEVENBETTS TEAM: David Leven and Stella Betts,
Andrew Feuersteln, Alexis Kraft, Deric Mizokami,
Sebastian Mardi, Angi Tsang, Edwin May, Bret Quagliara
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Guy Nordenson and Associates
LIGHTING DESIGNER: Tillotson Design Associates

images and information courtesy of Levenbetts, Architect Magazine and Moran Studio