All The Winners From The 2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup

2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup Winners

The 2017 Cannabis Cup, the world’s leading annual traveling marijuana trade show from HIGH TIMES magazine took place in Southern California in April of this year. With a new trophy cup design, the show awarded the the top entries in tons of categories ranging from Best Edible to Best Glass. I’ve got all the winners as well as the top 10 entries in every category for you.

2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup Winners

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is the world’s leading marijuana trade show, celebrating the world of ganja through competitions, instructional seminars, expositions, celebrity appearances, concerts and product showcases. Hosted in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana, the Cannabis Cup stands as the foremost gathering place for the cannabis community to network and celebrate.

SoCal Cannabis Cup Winners


Beginning this year, HIGH TIMES hired esteemed artist and cannabis crusader Alex Grey to create artisanal Cannabis Cups for the winners of the Cannibus Cup.
About The Cup Design From Alex Grey & Allyson Grey:
To honor the science and spirit of ganja, Alex Grey‘s sculptural grail created exclusively for HIGH TIMES, embeds chemical, botanical, historical and archetypal symbolism praising cannabis. At the base of the cup are diagrams of medicinal cannabinoid molecules. An inscription on the base reads: “Hail, Cannabis, ancient sacramental healing ally of Humanity.”

SoCal Cannabis Cup Winners

Molecular forms emerge on the base and begin to rise up the shaft in a helical DNA strand evoking centuries of genetic cultivation. The helix transforms into an occult symbol of the caduceus, a snake entwined staff of the Greek messenger God Hermes.

Twin double-headed serpents have wings sprouting from all of their crowns that cradle a flaming eye of higher vision. The Serpents of Wisdom represent psychic forces of sensuality, peace and philosophical openness offered through cannabis. Symbols of flaming eyes and wings point to flights of Divine Imagination that arise during stoned reverie.

the cannabis cup design
CGI rendering of the cup design

The Chinese & Sanskrit script refers to hemp and Bhang, acknowledging the Eastern Civilizations that first planted cannabis at the dawn of agriculture over ten thousand years ago. The Western Civilizations of Greece and America are honored for their worldwide proliferation of the earth’s most beloved and most misunderstood sacred plant. By dating the cultural spread of ganja, we gain knowledge of the cannabis tribe’s sacramental history.

The cup is engraved with outlines of sativa and indica leaves.

Cannabis Cup Trophies
New 2017 Cannabis Cup Trophies.

Circling the upper rim of the cup is the Secret Writing of artist, Allyson Grey, a symbol system representing the unpronounceable language of creative expression. The chalice is a container that symbolizes femininity and the womb. Honoring the Divine Feminine, the chalice reminds us that female plants are the most potent and prized cannabis specimens.

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup will be awarded to those who push the evolutionary edge of farming the friendly miracle of marijuana. By drinking from ganja’s holy grail, people awaken their soul and empower their energetic flow toward creative engagement with life.

Medals are awarded to those who place second and third in categories:

The 3rd place medal given to Mary Jane Juice Co. in the edibles category

Going strong for nearly three decades, HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups are the most established and trusted in the marijuana industry, continually fighting for the political legitimacy of the plant.

You can find the rules, regulations, judging and scoring info, category descriptions and more for the Cannabis Cup here.


1st Place: Honey Cocoa Almonds by Zendo
2nd Place: 1:1 Gel Caps by Care by Design
3rd Place: Organic Vanilla Almond Milk by Mary Jane Juice Co.


1st Place: Bear Butter Balanced by Honey Pot
2nd Place: Releaf Balm 50ml 3:1 THC:CBD by Papa & Barkley
3rd Place: Miracle Mending Skin Salve by Sunnabis


1st Place: Black Cherry 50/50 by Incredibles
2nd Place: Peaches and Dream by Eden’s Cure
3rd Place: Evie’s Drops by CBD Alive

1st Place: AC/DC Cookies by Brown Dog Cannabis and Med Tree Seeds
2nd Place: Cannatonic #4 by Herbal Solutions
3rd Place: AC/DC by 3C Farms

cbd concentrate
1st Place: AC Diesel by Gold Drop Co
2nd Place: Goji D.C. by Moxie 710
3rd Place: 1:1 CBD Dab Dart by Nameless Genetics & Greenwolf


1st Place: Galaxy Tangie Pre-Rolls by Kings Coast
2nd Place: StarWalker OG Terp Slerp by Gold Drop Co & Blue River
3rd Place: Bambino Signature Blunts by Bambino Blunts

vape cartridges
1st Place: Gelato by 710 Kingpen and Greenwolf
2nd Place: Honeystick Full Spectrum Vape Pen by Gold Nugget Extracts with New Amsterdam naturals
3rd Place: Presidential OG Vape Pen by CO2 Clear and Zeki Farms


1st Place: Megawellness OG Rosin by Nameless Genetics, Rosin Brothers and Golden State Greens Point Loma
2nd Place: Strawberry Banana Rosin by Crockett Family Farms
3rd Place: Cookies and Cream Cubantech Drysift by Exotic Genetix with the Cuban Grower


1st Place: White Walker OG Live Resin Sugar by Paperplanes and Doctors Orders Collective
2nd Place: F-Cut Live Resin by Higher Society Extracts
3rd Place: Larry OG Live Resin THCA Sugar by Gold Nugget Extracts with New Amsterdam Naturals


1st Place: Nectarine by MNG in collaboration with Greenwolf
2nd Place: Forbidden Fruit Live Resin by Paperplanes and Northstar Holistic Collective
3rd Place: Strawberry Banangie by Gold Coast Extracts


1st Place: Strawberry Banana Cake Batter Live Resin by New Amsterdam Naturals with Golden Nugget
2nd Place: GMO aka Garlic Cookies by Herbal Solutions and Notorious THC with Loyalty Extracts
3rd Place: Lemon Lime by 3C Farms & Moxie 710

indica flower cannabis cup winner
1st Place: Motorbreath by Herbal Solutions
2nd Place: Urbols Skywalker by Urbols
3rd Place: CFK OG Story Kush by Cali Kush Farms and The Kind Center Hollywood

sativa cannabis cup winners
1st Place: Orange Tree by Greenline Organics with Greenwolf
2nd Place: Pineapple Sage by Emerald Family Farms
3rd Place: LA Snow by Lumpy’s Flowers


1st Place: El Perro by Los Angeles Kush with Bert Baccarat
2nd Place: Mega Sherbert by NG and 420 Central
3rd Place: Holy Fire Knockout OG by the 9021Og at Lorax Labs and CannaSutra

1st Place: California Finest
2nd Place: Papa and Barkley
3rd Place: Los Angeles Kush x CHR Los Angeles x Flight Farms

1st Place: Moxie
3rd Place: ATOMIK


1st Place: Golden State Banana Marijuana Cigarettes by California Finest
2nd Place: FLIGHT FARMS L9 by Los Angeles x CHR Los Angeles x Flight Farm
3rd Place: Moxie


1st Place: Dr. Dabber
2nd Place: Puffco
3rd Place: Cloud V

I made a chart for you of the top 10 entries in each category:

all information and images courtesy of HIGH TIMES and The Cannibus Cup