Badger Ale Collector’s Edition Packaging Wins D&AD Graphite Pencil.

Hall & Woodhouse’s  signature brew Badger, which last presented a collector’s edition in 2012, has just won a coveted design award for their 2017 Collector’s Edition bottle for Badger Ale.

2017 Badger Ale Collector’s Edition

Design firm BrandOpus created the Collector’s Edition bottle which has picked up a coveted D&AD Graphite pencil.

The bottle, which is shaped like a Badger’s head and decorated with a black hand-painted stripes to emulate the aggressive animal’s markings, reflects the premium positioning of this unique brew.

The agglomerate cork & hand-dipped gloss black wax seal are meant to represent the animal’s nose.

The 75cl bottle comes in a kraft paper cylinder, hand-decorated with foliage and meant to represent the badger’s sett.

So when the bottle is removed from its package it’s as if the badger has emerged from his den.

Like the beautifully balanced brew, bringing together hints of marmalade and toffee, with spices of ginger and clove, the extraordinary bottle is a realization of a project lead by passion and the notion of craft.

“’The Badger’ is a project that the whole team feels extremely proud of,” revealed Paul Taylor, Executive Creative Director, BrandOpus. “A large amount of passion, craft and patience has gone into the realization of this uniquely brewed distinctive limited edition ale in order to create a bottle that emulates the badger itself nestled comfortably in its leafy ‘sett’ presentation sleeve. The simplicity and charm of the visual idea creates a truly unique and desirable collectable for the ale connoisseur.”

“We are very excited about this Collector’s Edition,” said Anna Corbett, Marketing Manager Badger Ales. “It’s been a labour of love, and a long time coming, but now it’s here and it’s quite remarkable. BrandOpus’ incredibly creative bottle design really helps give the brew its own unique personality. Whether you’re a long time loyal to Badger, or are new to the brand, it’s a must have collectable or gift option”.

Badger’s Collector’s Edition is available to buy from the brewery’s Dorset based shop.

D&AD Awards

Executive Creative Director: Paul Taylor
Designers: Ashley Vanstone, Gerry Forester and Roschfa Khosravi
Design Director: Claire Marshall

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