Millar Road’s Supernatural Wine Company

Millar Road in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand was established by the Collinge family – Ginny and Jeremy and son Gregory – in December 2004. It’s an estate that offers both stylish accommodations (and a lovely venue for weddings) as well as their own brand of wines. They started producing their first wine,’The Supernatural’ in 2009, from vineyards they planted on the property. The Supernatural Wine Co. now produces certified organic, low intervention white and skin-fermented white wines with interesting label designs that are distributed throughout the world. Read more

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Holiday Wines for the Hip Host or Hostess

You know better than to arrive at someone’s home or party without a gift in hand! Thankfully, there’s an online service with a custom wine line from Penrose Hill. Pick from one of their three varietals and select a previously designed label from their options. Read more

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Drink In This Just Published Stunning Salvador Dali Wine Book

A beautiful companion piece to Les dîners de Gala, the Salvador Dali illustrated cookbook we previously featured, is Dali’s The Wines of Gala. Just published, the hardcover epicurean guide to wine is 296 pages and filled with more than 140 illustrations of Salvador Dali’s surrealistic art. Read more

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Francis Ford Coppola’s Three New Limited Edition Wines for Film Lovers

francis ford coppola new director's great movie wines

The collection of Director’s wines were created to honor Francis Ford Coppola’s two great loves: wine and film. The Northern California winery has added to the Director’s family with a new line-up of three limited-edition wines inspired by directors and movies that Francis holds in greatest admiration; King Kong, The Wizard of Oz and JAWS. Read more

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Viña Luparia Wines Beautifully Branded To Revolve Around Wolves

Viña Luperia Wines

Spain’s Viña Luparia wines each tell a story through their beautifully designed labels and packaging. Inspired by the social structure of a ‘pack’, the focal point of each wine in the Viña Luparia universe is a wolf, ranging from the Inuit legend of Amarok, to the mythological Lykaon, to Little Red Riding Hood Read more

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Game of Thrones Inspires The 12 Wines Of Westeros. Available For Pre-Order Now.

wines of westeros

Australia’s creative and strategic agency, Common Ventures, has created and designed The 12 Wines Of Westeros. Twelve different bottles of wine, each based on a different house from HBO’s Game of Thrones’ Westeros. Read more

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Silence of The Lambs and Princess Bride Wines for Drafthouse Cinemas

Silence of The Lambs and Princess Bride Wines

The Drafthouse Cinemas, a chain of movie theaters that serve food and wine, have occasionally commissioned Silence of The Lambs and Princess Bride Wines which they pair up with the appropriate meals and serve at their unique cinemas. The special movie-themed wines are beautifully designed and packaged with labels and branding by the Austin based creative firm Helms Workshop. Read more

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Swanson’s Vineyards Modern House Wines Make Great Gifts.

Wondering what to bring to your next dinner party? Or to buy for the Boss/Friend/Co-worker/Therapist/Lover or basically anyone who drinks wine? Look no further than Swanson Vineyard’s Modern House Wines. Read more

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