Kyle Cooper’s Opening Titles for FEUD: An Homage To Saul Bass & Paul Rand

As I watched the premiere of Fox’s FEUD, the story of the rivalry between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, I was blown away by the beautiful opening title sequence. The animated sequence was clearly a nod to Saul Bass, the most reputed title designer of our time. But it was also inspired by another design legend, Paul Rand. Read more

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The Saul Bass Google Doodle Tribute And All The Actual Title Sequences.

I have long been a fan of late graphic designer Saul Bass and was thrilled to see today’s Google Doodle tribute to him on what would be his 93rd birthday. Read more

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Designer Saul Bass Inspires YouTubers, Designers and More.

Designer Saul Bassabove: Designer Saul Bass (1920-1996) and some of his famous work

A look at the work of designer Saul Bass. From his well-known logo designs to his wonderfully designed title sequences for movies; as well as several pieces of work he has inspired by others. Read more

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