Brice Hardelin Turns Up The Heat With 2018 Firemen Without Borders Calendar

2018 Firemen Without Borders Calendar

The third edition of the Firemen Without Borders (Pompiers Sans Frontières) Calendar has arrived. We shared last year’s version with smouldering black and white photos by Fred Goudon with you. This year, the drool-worthy wall calendar features equally hot but color photos by French fashion photographer Brice Hardelin. In addition, we are sharing 2 more very sexy French Firemen Calendars for 2018. Warning: may get a little steamy. Read more

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The Miniature Life Calendar 2018 Is Here

Tatsuya Tanaka is part miniature photographer and part writer. Born in Kumamoto in 1981, his miniature life photo collections have been published in multiple books and yearly calendars since 2011. Read more

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Artsy Ad Campaign With Middle Eastern Touch for Marzook Luxury Handbags

Yes, inserting a product into a classic piece of art has been done a million times. Yet some have a twist- and that’s the case with this ad campaign for the latest collection of luxury handbags from the designer sibling duo behind Marzook. Read more

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Halloween in 70’s Park Slope, Brooklyn. 35 Nostalgic Photos.

The Bionic Woman, Bambi, and Cinderella [masks on]
The Bionic Woman, Bambi, and Cinderella [masks off]

Taken between the years of 1974-1978 by photographer Larry Racioppo, these terrific vintage photos of kids trick or treating in South Park Slope, Brooklyn will bring back nostalgic memories of Halloween to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. Read more

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London’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Winners and Exhibit

London’s Natural History Museum in South Kensington has just launched their fifty-third Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. The exhibit features 100 original photographic images that record the beauty and drama of the natural world, from tiny insects to massive mammals. Read more

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Virginia Mori’s Macabre Illustrations As Gucci Fashion

I’m a big fan of the illustrative work of Virginia Mori. An Italian artist and animator whose drawings are reminiscent of Edward Gorey in terms of the macabre subject matter and monochromatic sketching style – only they’re executed in a more graceful manner and not accompanied by words.

Read more

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Beauty In Tragedy: Photos of The California Wildfires

A malfunctioning sign in Santa Rosa spells out an eerie message one day after the Tubbs Fire devastated the Wine Country. photo: Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group

You can’t get away from the photographs of the wildfires that have been decimating areas of Northern California. They’re everywhere; images of burning hills, billowing smoke, destroyed homes, frightened animals and exhausted firefighters. Although they are non-discriminatingly narrating California’s most tragic natural disaster to date, there’s a certain beauty to be found within them. Read more

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Jigsaw Blood Drive Posters Oppose Gay Donor Regulations


The last “Saw” movie from the horror franchise was released by Lionsgate in 2010, and if you’re a reader of this blog, you might recall that we shared the ALL the movie’s wild Halloween Blood Drive Posters, a marketing gimmick that proved very successful. This year the Saw movie franchise returns as “Jigsaw” (SAW VIII) opening in theaters on October 27th, and the annual blood drive returns as well. But this time, it’s protesting the restrictions placed on L.G.B.T. blood donors. Read more

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Scot Howard’s Hauntingly Elegant Infrared Photos of Washington D.C.

With all the ugliness going on in our nation’s capital these days, it’s the perfect time to share with you a beautiful take on Washington D. C. as seen in these hauntingly elegant infrared photos of Washington D.C. by Scot Howard. Read more

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Remembering Diana Through 40 Formal Portraits 20 Years Later

It’s surprisingly hard to write this post even though it’s been 20 years since the passing of the woman I first knew as Lady Di, then as The Princess of Wales and now and forevermore as The People’s Princess. I still well up with tears when looking at photos of the late Princess. But here, on the the 20 anniversary of her tragic passing, are several formal portraits of her taken by some of the world’s most renowned photographers including Terence Donovan, David Bailey, Mario Testino and Patrick Demarchelier. Read more

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