Yazbukey Plexiglass Mouth and Metal Chain Dress

Yazbukey Plexiglass Mouth and Metal Chain Dress

From Catwalk to Colette is an online preview of one unique piece from various Spring/Summer 2015 fashion shows the day of or right after the event. The items are available to pre-order for a very short period of time.

Yazbukey Plexiglass Mouth and Metal Chain Dress

Yazbukey dress from catwalk to colette2 IIHIH

“From Catwalk to Colette with Yazbukey”
Yazbukey mouth dress front IIHIH
Yazbukey mouth dress side IIHIH
Yazbukey mouth dress back IIHIH
Yazbukey mouth dress chain detail IIHIH

The $7893.12 USD plexiglass mouth and metal chain dress is available for pre-order until Wednesday 1 October. (Priority delivery between January and March 2015)

About Yazbukey:
Since 2000, Parisian brand Yazbukey has offered collections of fun and creative jewelry that play on pop culture. Yaz has totally mastered the material and technological properties of plexiglass, and often includes metal and macramé. Her whimsical collections can be seen here.

After studying at the Studio Bercot, Yaz apprenticed with Margiela and McQueen at Givenchy and Jeremy Scott. She gradually built her world around pageantry: accessories for oneself but also accessories for the home (soon with the launch of Yazbukey Home Sweet Home). Her figurative necklaces, mouse bags and plexiglass bracelets are an iconic signature. Yazbukey had done multiple collaborations with other brands and celebrated its tenth anniversary in March 2010.

$7893.12 USD, Buy it here