Wonderful Witty Wetsuits by Diddo

Witty Wetsuits by Diddo

In April of 2008, I introduced you to Diddo Velema and his wonderful art project of Luxury Gas Masks.

Witty Wetsuits by Diddo

Now going by ‘Diddo’ only, the designer and art director has combined concept, art and functionality in a line of imaginative and amazing functional wetsuits.

With custom inks and unique printing techniques, Diddo mapped textures onto the suits to create original designs that evoke the mysteries of the seas.

Witty Wetsuits by Diddo - if it's hip, it's here
Witty Wetsuits by Diddo - if it's hip, it's here

With four different designs (that will soon be available for purchase), he creates artful neoprene suits that have imagery alluding to everything from a steampunk-like Jules Verne rusted craft to an homage to the world’s largest shark, the Whale shark.

The first edition contains four original designs: a rusted iron diving suit evoking the days of Jules Verne, the anatomic musculature suit as a homage to our inner strength, a wet suit which gives the illusion that the wearer has been attacked by a group of hungry sharks and finally a whale shark patterned suit that celebrates the brilliance and originality of our natural water world.

The Anatomic Musculature Wetsuit:
The Anatomic Musculature Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here

anatomical wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here

Henry Gray would be so flattered.

The Shark Bite Wetsuit:
This wetsuit gives the impression that one has been ravaged by a shark, but without the real blood so you don’t become human chum.

The Shark Bite Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here
The Shark Bite Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here

Whale Shark Wetsuit:
Whale Shark Wetsuit

The Whale shark wetsuit takes the recognizable and beautiful skin of the Whale Shark (shown above) and puts it on a full body wetsuit (below).

Whale Shark Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here

The Jules Verne Wetsuit:
The Jules Verne Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here
The Jules Verne Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's herejules verne wetsuit
The Jules Verne Wetsuit - if it's hip, it's here

about the artist:

Diddo (7-7-’77) has worked for over 13 years as a designer and art director for a diverse range of design and advertising clients. From creative hot shop LABORATORIVM to the independent advertising agency, Modernista!. He has taught at the School of Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands and contributed to various international projects such as Frank Gehry’s Sentosa, Bono’s Product (RED) and UNESCO’s ICAT project in Costa Rica. Diddo’s extensive cross media production and multi disciplinary experience includes creative and strategic direction for high-profile brands and campaigns, including: Tommy Hilfiger, Comedy Central, H.J. Heinz, Supperclub, Dommelsch beer, Beck’s beer, Russian Standard Vodka, Hearts on Fire, Bacardi, MTV, Frank Gehry Associates, Cadbury, Orange, Jupiler Beer, Levi’s Strauss, Burger King, amongst others.

Currently, by setting up his own studio, ‘… by diddo’ in Amsterdam, he’s creating a platform for developing branding and art ideas for both freelance and personal projects. It’s something he’s wanted to do for many years, and in doing so, he hopes to create opportunities for collaborating with an eclectic group of inspiring people all over the world.

The wet suits are available for purchase by request directly through the artist.

Diddo also sells prints of some of his other wonderful projects like his Luxury Designer Gas Masks in his online store here.