Why Only White from TEDA Showers Us With Color

teda totem collection

Update: Sadly this company and their products -as well as the sites listed in this post, no longer seem to exist. But I’m not removing it because the items are so great to look at at may inspire someone else to produce something similar.

TEDA Totem Collection

Fabulous custom or graphic showers in various sizes, with several options from a small artisan shop in Italy will brighten up any bathroom, commercial or residential.

W.O.W. – Why Only White, by TEDA
The “TOTEM” collection: an intriguing and personal approach in bathroom design. White is no longer the only choice in bathroom design but only one of the vast possibilities they offer to an ever-discriminating clientele. Every individually made WOW TOTEM is colorful, fully equipped, and almost weightless; an exact fit for each inclination.

Over a white or brushed aluminum body, they offer a collection of designs that changes periodically to reflect the newest trends and moods in fashion and design.

WOW TOTEM is offered in 5 standard formats and an array of choices between different kinds of water nozzles; a regenerating waterfall stream or a bubbly shower head. The thermostatic mixer unit is equipped with a safety system that cuts off the hot water flow if there should be any interruption in the cold water supply, in order to avoid unpleasant scalding accidents. Their standard equipment features low water consumption waterworks – 9 liters/minute or 2.5 GPM, while supplying superb aesthetics and a comfortable shower experience.

All WOW TOTEMs share the striking visual and structural lightness that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. With barely 8 cm (3¼”) of thickness, WOW TOTEM is exceptionally unobtrusive. Innovative materials and superior components transform a utilitarian object into a true piece of craftsmanship that ideally combines form, pleasure and function.

USA SIZES (approx.)
• SWING 7.8”x 3’4” x 3.15”
• SPIN 9.8”x 3’11”x 3.15”
• RIP 9.8” x 6’05” x 3.15”
• FLY 12.6”x 5’3”x 3.15”
• TWIST 17”x 6’05”x3.15”
• SLIDE 17”x 6’05”x3.15”

• SWING l 20x h 100x p 8 cm
• SPIN l 25x h 120x p 8 cm
• RIP l 35x h 185x p 8 cm
• FLY l 32x h 160x p 8 cm
• TWIST l 43x h 185x p 8 cm
• SLIDE l 43x h 185x p 8 cm (2 rows of bodysprays)

contact info:
Why Only White by Teda S,r.l.
Via Lago di Pusiano 13 – 36015 Schio (VI) Italy
Phone +39 0445.576327
Fax +39 0445.576328
E-mail: [email protected]