The Whisker Dam Will Keep A Hairy Hipster Happy (and Dry).

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The Whisker Dam, made in the good ol’ US of A, is a non-toxic patinated copper device that sits over the top of a glass protecting one’s ironically groomed moustache from suds and sloppy sips.

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Made to look antiquated and packaged in a distressed-looking box with vintage design, the Whisker Dam is merely an updated version of devices that go as far back as the late 1800s and as recently as 1976, when the US Patent #3944112 was filed for the “Mustache Cup Adaptor” by George W. Miller.

US patents moustaches IIHIH
above: US Patents for devices designed to protect mustachioed gentlemen from food and drink from 1872 (l.) and 1976 (r.). You’ll notice that Whisker Dam used the image from the 1872 patent for their logo design
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The product’s timing is perfect, now that Hipster Beards are all the rage (as shown in the various incarnations below).

assorted hipster beards for IIHIH
above: various incarnations of the “Hipster Beard” ,  composite by if it’ s hip, it’s here, images via Google search

The Whisker Dam moustache guards are handcrafted from 100% copper, given a “timeless” patina and protected with a non-toxic coating.

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They were very popular for the holiday (lots of hairy hipsters want craft beer foam free ‘staches) and according to their website, they were on back-order though December 30th. That’s today! So go buy one of the $25 Whisker Dams here before they sell out again.

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All images and info courtesy of Whisker Dam