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Welcome Master Archie! Meet the Newest Royal.

Welcome Master Archie

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, also known as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, presented their 2-day-old son to the world on Wednesday afternoon.

Welcome Master Archie

We loved bringing you the photos of their fabulous wedding, now meet their first-born.

Welcome Master Archie

The Royal couple have decided to not to use a royal title for their son, but instead he will be known as Master Archie, in line with his father’s wish that he grow up as a private citizen.

apologies to Meghan Markle for the misspelling of her name in the video

The formal announcement read: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are pleased to announce they have named their first born child: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. This afternoon Their Royal Highnesses introduced Her Majesty The Queen to her eighth great-grandchild at Windsor Castle. The Duke of Edinburgh and The Duchess’ mother were also present for this special occasion.

harry, meghan and baby  archie

According to the BBC “Archie means “genuine”, “bold” or “brave” – and is more popular in Britain than the US. It was originally a shortened form of Archibald but is now often used as a name on its own.

It was the 18th most-popular boy’s name in England and Wales in 2017, with 2,803 baby boys called Archie that year, and has been in the top 50 consistently since 2003.”

Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan!

Thank you to Hello! for their video from which we took screen grabs and the New York Times for the images and information