Wear Your Dream House On Your Finger. The Villa de Reve Collection from Philippe Tournaire.

villa de reve collection by philippe tournaire

Inspired by the first known architectural rings discovered during the Merovingian age (500 to 752 AD), French jeweler Philippe Tournaire has created a collection of mini architectural bejeweled and gold wearable masterpieces in the form of rings and cufflinks.

Villa de Reve Collection from Philippe Tournaire

architectural rings

Villa de Reve Collection from Philippe Tournaire. In the ring below, the entire city of Paris is wrapped around your finger:
paris ring
above: rose, white and yellow 18k gold icons of Paris sit upon a single shank
custom jewellery
above: the Paris ring as seen from overhead

above: the Paris ring in profile

above: men’s cufflinks of miniature buildings in rose and white gold

The Villa de Reve (Dream House) Collection consists of finely crafted 18k rings of buildings from various venues ranging from New York to Dubai, some as entire villages, others as homes. There are even monasteries and chateaus.

In addition to selling already cast rings, Tournaire will custom create a finely crafted replica ring of any home or villa, in your choice of golds and with or without gemstones.

above: the creation of and final Monastery ring set with diamonds

From the initial drawing to the final product, Philippe Tournaire and his team plan and design each piece. All jewels are hand-made in France only.
rings inspired by architecture

I especially love the use of blue gemstones to represent swimming pools like the two rings shown below:
18k gold house ring
above: 18k yellow gold Chalet with sapphire
custom jewelry
Above: Florida home in 18k yellow gold with aquamarine

Some mix various colors of 18k gold for a wonderful effect:

Others are clad with fine gemstones:

Options include high polished, matte finished, pendants, rings and the addition of gemstones:
philippe tournaire architectural rings

Here are more amazing examples for you.

Beijing (yellow and white gold with diamonds):
pagoda ring
Chateau (yellow and white gold with diamonds):
chateau ring
New York (yellow gold):
NY ring
Dubai (yellow gold with sapphire and rubies):
Dubai ring
Dubai (white gold with amethyst and tourmalines):
gemstone rings
Village (yellow gold with white sapphire and diamonds):

Solitary Village (yellow and white gold with diamond):

Florence Villa and Roman Villa:

Monastery with Diamond and Village:

Roman Villa and Citadel with diamond:

Chateau Lafitte and Grecian Villa:
incredible rings

These rings are the latest addition to an already established and respected jeweler, Philippe Tournaire, shown below. Be sure to visit the site to see the other stunning collections for both women and men.

jeweller philippe tournaire
Jeweller Philippe Tournaire, image courtesy of Ajurette Maga blog


villa de reve
Villa de Reve Collection Philippe Tournaire
all images courtesy of Philippe Tournaire

Philippe Tournaire