Three Different But Powerful Veteran Photo Projects

photos of war veterans

Devin’s Mitchell’s Veteran Vision Project, Stacy Pearsall’s The Veterans Portrait Project and Michael Stokes’ Always Loyal are three different series of photographs honoring War Veterans of all types and all ages. Poignant and powerful, each has its own point of view.

Veteran Photo Projects

•The Veteran Vision Project

veteran vision project

On August 8th, 2014, student and photographer Devin Mitchell began backpacking/traveling the west coast in search of veteran stories in hopes of illustrating these individuals through the art of pictures. The Veteran Vision Project is a photo documentary, featuring authentic military service members and their lives.

Dustin Johns, U.S. Marine Corps
Dustin Johns, U.S. Marine Corps
Sheryl (Whalen) Rinehart , U.S. Marine Corps
Sheryl (Whalen) Rinehart , U.S. Marine Corps

The photo subjects represented are not commissioned models or actors. The people and the artifacts belonging to them as photographed in this project are real. This is currently an independent, privately funded and organized academic photo essay of American military service members through a series of images. The mission is to help veterans heal by providing them with a voice.

Justin Kramer, U.S. Air Force
Justin Kramer, U.S. Air Force

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The Book:
veteran photo project book

Now available is a full color, hardbound coffee table book
Veteran Vision Project, Vol. 1 of 2
Veteran Vision Project Volume II on Kickstarter

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• The Veterans Portrait Project

veterans portrait project

Some are smiling. Others gaze at a distant point. All are veterans. The Veterans Portrait Project (VPP) began while Stacy Pearsall recovered from combat injuries sustained in Iraq. Spending hours in VA waiting rooms surrounded by veterans from every generation and branch of service, Pearsall was compelled to honor and thank them in the only way she knows how, photography. The Veterans Portrait Project totals 3,000 veterans and grows daily.

Lyndon Villene and service dog, Ice
Lyndon Villene and service dog, Ice, go everywhere since Villene left the Marine Corps. Villene served as an amphibious assault vehicle driver and held the rank of E-4. During his enlistment from Feb. 21, 2005 to Feb. 22, 2009, he deployed to Iraq. VPP, San Antonio, Texas ©Stacy L. Pearsall
Army Sergeant Brian Taylor Urruela
Army Sergeant Brian Taylor Urruela served as an Infantryman during Operation Iraqi Freedom, during where he lost his leg. He was enlisted from Aug. 2004 to Feb. 2011. He now runs a non-profit organization called VetSports. VPP McLean, MD ©Stacy L. Pearsall

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Always Loyal by Michael Stokes
michael stokes always loyal montage

Photographer Michael Stokes’ Always Loyal is dedicated exclusively to wounded United States veterans.

photos of those wounded in war

Inspired by a chapter in his 2014 book, “Bare Strength“, which featured wounded amputee Marines, celebrated photographer Michael Stokes has created an entire photographic volume dedicated to U.S. Gulf War veterans. “Always Loyal“, a large-scale, hardcover coffee table book, showcases the beautiful side of wounded soldiers, whose injuries and/or lost limbs are detailed in intimate, exclusive photographs and information that provide a highly unique appreciation for those brave souls who have fought for the United States of America. (since this post was first written, Michael has added a third book to the series, Invictus.)

war vet by michael stokes

The goal of fitness photographer Stokes-who, inspired by a shoot with veteran and amputee Alex Minsky, wanted to put a different spin on how wounded veterans were depicted-was to create a book via crowdfunder The result of the book is pure art.

More images from Always Loyal shown below.

amputee vet by michael stokes

Corporal Brandon Rumbaugh by Michael Stokes
Corporal Brandon Rumbaugh by Michael Stokes
Sergeant Bryan Anderson by Michael Stokes
Sergeant Bryan Anderson by Michael Stokes

Buy the book Always Loyal or Michael’s follow up book, Invictus.

michael stokes photography

Michael has donated over $30,000 from the sales and pre-sales of several of his books to Semper Fi Fund, a charity that benefits veterans of war and their families.

Michael Stokes

A special thanks to all those who have bravely worked, fought and dedicated themselves to defend this country.

images and information courtesy and copyright of each photographer