Use The Force In An Entirely Different Way. Star Wars Sex Toys.

Star Wars Sex Toys

These designs were created in a galaxy far, far away by Hungarian artist Balázs Sármai, who gained intergalactic attention this past August with a similar creation (shown below), in which sex toys were re-imagined as characters from the Hollywood blockbuster “The Avengers.”

Balázs Sármai's Avenger's Sex Toys
Balázs Sármai’s Avenger’s Sex Toys

Star Wars Sex Toys

His newest collection, Star Wars Sex Toys, are imagined vibrators are based on the characters from the beloved sci fi movie franchise.

Lord Vader Force Powered Vibrator:
darth vader vibrator

R2D2 Personal Massager:

Stormtrooper Couples Massager:

C-3PO G Spot Vibrator:

These conceptual designs were based on .
If you are interested you can check them out:
The Lord Vader is based on a LELO SMART WAND
C-3PO is a LELO GIGI 2
R2-D2 is a LELO ALIA
and the Stormtrooper is a LELO IDA

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Designer and artist Balázs Sármai:

Thanks to both LELO and Balázs Sármai for the info and images.