Two New Takes On Transport: The Monotracer & The Go One

The Monotracer and The Go One

Two fabulous, enclosed single person vehicles, one powered by an engine, the other powered by a human. Vast price differences, but both are beautifully designed, aerodynamic and unique, to say the least.

The Monotracer and The Go One

UPDATE 2018: As is the case with many innovative companies, not all of them make it. While Peraves Cabin-Motorcycles has since renamed the Monotracer to the Monoracer, The Go One brand is no longer in business.

a later version of Peraves Monotracer aka Super Eco Mobile

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For those who have more money to spend, here’s the Peraves MonoTracer and EcoMobiles:

The remarkable MonoTracer and EcoTracers, fit right into the growing trend of ‘motorcycles’ with more than two wheels, and is on track for going into production. The MonoTracer is currently being shown at the Geneva Automobile Salon, and the Switzerland-based Peraves say they will ramp up their production facilities to manufacture up to 100 units of this vehicle in 2009.

above: Shown in Lukmanier Gold, one of several colors in which the enclosed motorcycle is available.
above: Shown in Lukmanier Gold, one of several colors in which the enclosed motorcycle is available.

The Peraves MonoTracer features a self-supporting composite-monocoque chassis that’s made of kevlar and carbon fiber, bonded with epoxy-resin and reinforced with aluminum crash and roll bars. The suspension is comprised of a 50mm USD Marzocchi fork up front, and Monolever swingarm at the back.

Peraves have used the BMW K1200R’s liquid-cooled, 16-valve, 1171cc, 130bhp inline-four in the MonoTracer. The engine drives the rear wheel via BMW’s shaft-drive system and the gearbox is a sequential, manual-shift, four-speed (plus one reverse) unit. An automatic clutch is optional.
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peraves monotracer

The MonoTracer furnishes its driver (and one passenger) with such luxuries as air-conditioning and windshield wipers, plus the safety of a cockpit made from Kevlar and carbon fiber and reinforced with an aluminum roll cage. The MonoTracer is also energy-efficient: its BMW engine, which goes from zero to 62 m.p.h. in 4.8 sec. (100 km/h), gets about 65 m.p.g. (28 km/L).

But don’t expect to see packs of them on the road anytime soon. Peraves intends to build just 100 of the $81,000. machines, and owners will have to attend a training course. In Switzerland.

Learn pricing, options and more at the MonoTracer site here.

There are many various versions of the Mono or EcoTracer; a variants of the MonoTracer with different sized BMW engines. The Standard Eco, The Super Turbo Eco, and the Turbo Mono Eco. All are composite monocoque construction. See the ECO Mobile site for technical details and specs.

For those who would prefer to spend approximately one tenth the cost of the above vehicle, how about a Go One?

The Go One:
The Go One is significantly cheaper that the Peraves MonoTracer and EcoTracers. At around $7,800 USD it’s based on a trike design, so it’s powered by humans rather than an engine. A velomobile, it’s great for the environment, not to mention for your fitness.

According to their site, there are only 13 registered in the US and according to factory records, 50 have been produced in Europe.

Yellow, white and red are the factory standard colors.

Non standard colors can be selected from their RAL color chart. There is a premium charge for the specialty colors from which there are 210 to choose.

There is an option to add an electrical assist motor, which can then propel you to 20 mph. And when the battery in the assist motor is depleted, you can recharge it by manual pedaling.

With the go-one, you pedal in a fully recumbant position, are protected from environmental elements, and it can be purchased with or without the rear canopy. It can also be purchased as kit (shown below) as opposed to fully assembled- though they recommend against that for various legal emissions reasons.

They are also looking for dealers or ‘agents’. To learn more, please visit the Go One site here.