Tsumiki Architectural Building Blocks by Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma

tsumiki architectural building blocks IIHIH

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma has collaborated with forest conservation organization More Trees to produce a set of beautifully packaged and unusually designed building blocks for children.

Tsumiki Architectural Building Blocks

tsumiki blocks three packages

The simple triangle-shaped wooden blocks are called Tsumiki (“wooden blocks” in Japanese). Made of Japanese cedar wood, the elements can be combined and stacked to create small buildings and sculptures.

tsumiki blocks 1 tsumiki blocks 2 tsumiki blocks 3

Known for his explorations of timber construction, Kuma is passionate about the age-old building material. Both the Daiwa Ubiquitous Computing Research Building and the Sunny Hills retail store by Kengo Kuma’s architectural firm, shown below, are indicative of the architect’s passion for working with wood.

Daiwa ubiquitous computing Research center by Kengo Kuma
sunny hills retail cake store by Kengo Kuma

“I have loved tsumiki my whole life, ever since I was a young boy. And my dream came true, I designed tsumiki myself, the sort which hadn’t existed before. The set is not a heavy, masonry kind of wood block, but a light, transparent system just like what you see in traditional Japanese architecture”- Kengo Kuma

In the Tsumiki Pavilion – installed on the occasion of Tokyo Design Week –  the blocks, in various sizes, were scattered in a grassy square in the center of the Tokyo.

tsumiki at Tokyo Design Pavilion

Everyone from small children to adults could enjoy creation, like a pyramid built from blocks made of Japanese timber.

tsumiki at Tokyo Design Pavilion1
tsumiki at Tokyo Design Pavilion5
tsumiki at Tokyo Design Pavilion4

The blocks are available three different sized sets; a 7 piece set, a 13 piece set and a 22 pieces set.

7piece set
tsumiki blocks 13 piece set IIHIH
22 piece set

The set of 13 blocks are made from Japanese cedar and manufactured using FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified wood. Not only for children’s play, they make interesting gifts for any fan of architecture and building blocks.

tsumiki blocks packaging1 tsumiki blocks packaging2

Designed by:Kengo Kuma
Material:Cedar (from Morotsuka Village in Miyazaki)
Size:W12.5㎝ H29.5㎝ D4.5㎝(1 Piece:H11cm W12cm D4cm)


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