Totems: Five Floor Lamps Made From Upholstery Foam For Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

totems foam floor lamps

Totems is a collection of floor lamps made from upholstery foam by designer Max Enrich for Antonio Gaudi’s Casa Batlló in Barcelona. The Totems were designed not to blend in or to compliment, but instead to stand out from the historically significant building which is presently offering a 3D immersive tour.

Totems Foam Floor Lamps

Casa Batlló has a complex history, having been remodeled and altered since originally built in 1877. Fully reformed between 1904 and 1906, Antoni Gaudi was granted full creative freedom and completely changed the façade, redistributing the internal partitioning, expanding the patio of lights and converting the inside into a true work of art. The building has been a museum open to the public since 2005. If you are unfamiliar with the architect, his work is very ornate, colorful and curvalinear.

max enrich totems gaudi museum
Three of the Totems inside Casa Battló

Intended to generate tension within the space, the simple geometric forms of the Totems have an intentional artificiality that is in direct juxtaposition to their environment.

I was invited to create a project for this particular period, when the Casa [which has been a museum since 2005] is closed. Initially I thought of a project that could blend with the space, but then I changed my mind. I opted for forms that contrast with those of the house. It is not my intention to conflict, but to create a dialogue,” Enrich explained to Domus.

max enrich with totem lamp
Catalan designer Max Enrich with one of his foam floor lamps

Characterized by their simple geometric shapes, each of the lamps is a solid pastel color- another contrast to Gaudi’s brightly colored mosaics and rich jewel toned architectural details.

modern floor lamps
lamps made from upholstery foam
max enrich totem
foam floor lamp

“Foam is cut in a very manual way, and glued together when the parts required it. A led bulb was integrated at the top, and light is projected vertically. The electric cable travels through the piece and leaves it from the bottom,” says the Catalan designer.

totems foam lamps at casa battlo

images and information courtesy of designer Max Enrich and Domus