Netflix 80’s-Style Stranger Things Fashion Collection Launches Today

Fashion retailers Topshop and Topman are linking up with the hugely popular Netflix show Stranger Things to promote the second season through a “360 relationship”: a special fashion collection and in-store takeovers beginning today.

Earlier this year Netflix began posting 80’s versions of promotional posters for the popular Netflix series Stranger Things on their Twitter account. The 9 posters shown below were inspired by other vintage cult and thriller/horror films such as JAWS, The Evil Dead, Aliens, Firestarter and Goonies and can be seen below.

First, The Posters:

Topshop Stranger Things Collection

The Fashion Collection

The 28 piece capsule collection (seen below) of clothing and accessories has several retro style tees in various colors, two sweatshirts, two caps, two backpacks and two lunch boxes, many similar to the posters above.

Shop the collection here

They’re also working with Netflix to promote “Stranger Things 2” with in-store cinema-style screenings at the Oxford Circus flagship in London, themed setting from the TV series and the accompanying capsule collection.

In-store sets will include Hawkin’s Lab, the arcade, and Will’s Castle Byers den. Topshop has also re-created the “Upside Down,” the creepy gray underworld populated by snakes, slime — and dead bodies.

Topshop said the deal is a key one as it helps it create an experience for its shoppers based on a show that “has cultural relevance” and is “very much a part of the zeitgeist”.

It’s not the first fashion and product co-op for Netflix’ Stranger Things. It has already created a T-shirt featuring its pre-teen character that appeared on the Louis Vuitton runway and at a much lower price level, Stranger Things themed merchandise at Target in the US.

Stranger Things Season 2 starts on Netflix, October 27th.