Two Alluring 7 Minute Trips to Burning Man Told In Time-Lapse.

Time Lapse Videos of Burning Man

The Fertile Desert and Lake of Dreams are 7 minute films by Roy Two Thousand, a musician/filmmaker and teacher of Film and Media at Emeryville’s Ex’pression College. The two time-lapse videos are of footage taken at the popular annual Burning Man Festival.

burning man videos

The time-lapse videos of Burning Man show the transformation of the barren desert to the multi-sensory event that embraces art, tech, music and other forms of self-expression. The art, kinetic sculptures, people, fireworks, lightning storms and sunsets – pretty much everything but the recreational drugs – are captured in these spectacular short films. I created the still photos in this post by grabbing frames from the Lake of Dreams video and altering the color and sharpness  so you can see some of the unusual art pieces constructed at the festival. More of those images are shown after the videos.

Time-lapse videos of Burning Man

Lake of Dreams:

The Fertile Desert:

The “Temple of Whollyness” (above and below) seen in both films is a project by The Connection Crew which was also funded via kickstarter.

Roy’s first time lapse film of Burning Man, The Fertile Desert, was also a kickstarter campaign to help fund more films like these. The effort surpassed its funding goal of $13,000 goal earlier this year.

The Fertile Desert credits:
Produced, Filmed and Edited by Roy Two Thousand
Additional Production by Crystal Dawn Davis
Film Score Composed and Mixed by Roy Two Thousand
Vocal samples by Neil Kramer
Pianos by Eric Arvai
Drums by Anthony Maureal
Cellos by Kate Adams

Lake of Dreams credits:
Film and Music by Roy Two Thousand
Additional footage by August Winkelman and Connor McNeill
Produced by Roy Two Thousand and Crystal Dawn Davis
Drums and Percussion by Anthony Mogli Maureal

Roy Two Thousand