Ties Any Guy Can Rock. Josh Bach Neckwear Combines Pop Culture With Posh Style.

josh bach neckwear

Way back in 2008, I introduced you to the ties, bow ties, boxers and more by Josh Bach Limited of New York. Witty, stylish and unique menswear and gifts for the not so conservative male. Seven years later and the brand still continues to create the most well designed silk ties and bow ties that encapsulate hobbies, pop culture, cartography and design iconography.

Cool Ties by Josh Bach Neckwear

These are not ‘novelty’ ties. They don’t light up or glow in the dark, they won’t embarrass those who accompany you and they won’t end up in the back of the closet. These are sophisticated and stylish with a touch of whimsy. The 100% silk ties made in New York can be worn to work, to parties or for those with odd fetishes – just with socks (which he also carries). Josh Bach Limited has an enormous selection of silk ties for men, silk ties for boys, bow ties, cuff links and gift items. Although they no longer carry boxers, they have expanded their inventory to include items for women and the home.

Whether you need a tie for the Mid-Century Modern fan, Movember (the moustache month), an Art Lover, a Geek, a Gamer, a Sports Enthusiast, a Music fan, a Historian, an Intellectual, a Badass or for the Holiday season, they’ve got it.

Here are just a few of their fabulous ties – they have many more!

Mid-Century Modern Chairs:
Midcentury modern eames chairs tie

Chinese take-Out:
chinese Takeout tie

robots tie

LEGO (bricks):
lego tie by josh bach

josh back neckwear mustache tie

octopus tie by josh bach

Paper Planes:
paper airplanes ties

Barrel Full of Monkeys:
barrel of monkeys tie

Peace signs:
peace signs tie blu

pigeons tie

Magritte Apple and Hat:
apples_hats magritte tie

Space Invaders:
spaceInvaders tie

Mario 8 Bit:
mario 8 bit tie

Demolished Baseball Stadiums:
baseball Stadiums (demolished) tie

WWII Fighter Planes:
WWII fighter planes tie

guitar tie BLU

London Civitas:
London_BlueTaupe tie

San Francisco Civitas:
SanFran Steelgray tie

corkscrew tie

Wine glasses:
wineGlasses tie

And, of course, Holiday Ties.

Christmas Lights:
christmas Lights tie

Christmas Trees:
christmas Trees tie

Candy Cane:
candyCane ties

Nutcracker (in red or yellow):
nutcracker Red tienutcracker Yel tie

menorah tielogo

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