A Giant Glowing Glass Amoeba Floating In The Forest

Thomas Medicus Amoeba

When was the last time you came across an illuminated floating glass amoeba in the middle of the woods? I’m guessing never, that is, until now. Amoeba, a stained glass sculpture by Thomas Medicus, is a highly detailed piece, lit by LED lights within its frame and suspended amidst a forest of trees at night. The result is simply magical.

Thomas Medicus Amoeba

Thomas Medicus Amoeba

Thomas Medicus is a multi-talented illustrator, animator and glass artist who works out of Innsbruck, Austria.

amoeba stained glass

stained glass art

The following text is direct from the artist:
contemporary glass art

modern stained glass

stained glass art

The stained glass sculpture is inspired by the idea of a giant floating fluorescent amoeba. By combining and abstracting visually significant characteristics also of other living forms the art piece points to the fascination about life as a phenomenon that is difficult to grasp. Since the sculpture shines, it arouses curiosity from great distance, only by getting closer to the piece its detailed painted patterns can be spotted.

modern stained glass art

gorgeous stained glass

contemporary stained glass

glass artist

Thomas Medicus Amoeba

The sculpture is illuminated with LEDs that are installed inside the white frame. By working with long exposures it was possible to manually light paint the glow in front of the art piece with a pocket lamp while the forest was only slightly brightened by the moon shine. The strings on which the sculpture was fixed, have been removed digitally.

Amoeba as displayed in a gallery:
Thomas-Medicus-Amoeba gallery view

Images by Philipp Medicus
About the photos:
*one single exposure (90s)
*the light inside the sculpture was switched on for a split second.
*the light below and in front of the sculpture was light painted with a head-lamp.
*no retouching / montaging, except removing the lines, on which the sculpture was attached to two trees.

Made possible by Tiroler Glasmalerei

Much of Thomas Medicus’ work combines the illusionary properties of MC Escher with today’s technological software. Take a look at more of it here

information and images courtesy of Thomas Medicus