The Gradient Redefines The Classic Baby Crib

wood gradient crib

If you’re looking for a baby crib that will stand out from all the others, the all wood Gradient crib designed by Matthew Grayson for Nursery Works is the one.

The Wood Gradient Crib

gradient crib natural maple wood

When you think of a baby crib, you think slats. Four walls of slats. Kind of like a little rectangular prison. But the wood Gradient Crib designed by Los Angeles based Matthew Grayson , Sr. Design Manager for Million Dollar Baby Co. is a more organic version with its undulating slats and oval shape.

gradient moon white in situ IIHIH

Most of Million Dollar Baby Co’s Crib designs for well-known brands are drool-worthy, but this is a statement piece. Made to order and by hand, the crib has a 10 month lead time -so you’d better order it as soon as you think of having a baby.

gradient crib natural maple wood

The crib’s oval shape is created by machining a fluid surface out of solid maple hardwood. A 3D skin generates the slats which form an asymmetrical organic surface that explores continuous movement with no visual end. And without compromising the nature of the form, the crib converts into a bassinet.

The Gradient Crib in Natural:
modern nursery furniture

modern wood crib

maple wood baby crib

The Gradient Crib in Moon White:
moon white gradient crib

designer crib

gradient wood crib

Core 77 has an in-depth article and interview with Grayson about designing the crib here.

Made of solid maple wood, the crib is handmade in a Minnesota workshop, has 2 adjustable mattress heights and comes in natural or white. Each Gradient crib includes 3″ oval mattress and 1 ½” bassinet pad from Pure by Babyletto for Nursery Works.

Price: $10,000. USD

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Images courtesy of MDB Co and Nursery Works