The Winner (And All 29 Finalists) of The Heineken Future Bottle ‘Remix’ Challenge

Winner and Finalists Heineken Future Bottle ‘Remix’ Challenge

Heineken has announced the winner of their 2012/13 Your Future Bottle Design Challenge. The winning design (shown below) was created by Fernando Degrossi, who is a graphic designer from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Heineken Future Bottle ‘Remix’ Challenge

The Winning Design:

winning design by Fernando Degrossi
winning design by Fernando Degrossi

Fernando submitted several designs, a few others of which were finalists and shown later in this post.

To celebrate its 140th year, Heineken put its design elements online and challenged creatives everywhere to ‘remix’ these assets into an iconic bottle, designed for the future. The remix theme gave designers total freedom to delve into Heineken’s past and play with the brand’s DNA to create a cool new design. The winning approach remixes five circular Heineken logos from five different decades, and incorporates the red star, Heineken’s famous trademark.

The video invitation to the design challenge:

The winning design and the finalists were selected at a live judging event at Heineken’s space in the heart of the creative community at Milan Design Week, which has been visited by more than 10,000 design fans since opening on Tuesday. Fernando’s design beat almost 2,000 entries and becomes the second Limited Edition bottle that will be produced. It will go on sale around the world in early 2014.

The Top 5 Finalists:
Anna Ptasinka:
Anna Ptasinka

Andy Audsley:
Andy Audsley

Tomasz Wagner:
Tomasz Wagner

Fernando Degrossi:
Fernando Degrossi

Bartek Bak:
Bartek Bak

The Other 24 Finalists (in no particular order):
Balazs Kaczper:
Balazs Kaczper

Davide Colombo:
Davide Colombo

Elina Presniakova:
Elina Presniakova

Fernanda Ochoa:
Fernanda Ochoa

Fernando Degrossi:
Fernando Degrossi

Fernando Degrossi:
Fernando Degrossi

Ji Yeon Kim:
Ji Yeon Kim

Johan Bl:
Johan Bl

Joris Blomjous:
Joris Blomjous

Milos Dostanic:
Milos Dostanic

Nemanja Djordjevic:
Nemanja Djordjevic

Nicolas Vicario:
Nicolas Vicario design
Nivedita Sivaprakash:
Nivedita Sivaprakash

Paolo Tonon:
Paolo Tonon

Pat Corrigan:
Pat Corrigan

Thijs Mensink:
Thijs Mensink

Victor Correa:
Victor Correa

Dominique Hernandez:
Dominique Hernandez

Leondios Tsiobanelis:
Leondios Tsiobanelis

Marco Bellarosa Architects:
Marco Bellarosa Architects

Marco Bellarosa Architects:
Marco Bellarosa Architects

A Serbian designer whose name I do not have the characters to type (I’m so sorry) so I pasted his name above his design:

Sergey Rizhov:
Sergey Rizhov

Sergey Rizhov:
beer bottle designs Sergey Rizhov

The judging panel consisted of designer Joshua Davis; Evan Orensten of Cool Hunting; Mark Dytham of PechaKucha and Heineken’s global head of design Mark van Iterson.

Mark van Iterson, Global Head of Design at Heineken, said “This is the completion of a five month process; a contest that has attracted over 2,000 high quality entries. The use of our heritage in this winning design is really clever and results in a very contemporary iconic bottle. It was a bold step to put our brand history into the hands of emerging designers, but Heineken is a progressive brand and this contest has proved again that opening up in the search for creativity pays off.”