The Polish Embassy In Paris Has Its Own 2014 Calendar. And It’s Beautiful.

Polish Embassy of Paris Calendar

That’s right, an Embassy that has its own calendar – and a good one to boot.

Polish Embassy of Paris Calendar

model for the 2014 Polish Embassy calendar
above: model Patrycja Gardygajlo

This year fashion photographer Piotr Stoklosa shoots his third calendar for the Polish Embassy in Paris. For the 2014 Calendar Piotr joined forces with stylist and editor-in-chief of  Polish magazine VIVA! Moda, Agnieszka Scibior, for the fashion centric calendar.

Stunning beauty, Polish Model Patrycja Gardygajlo is featured and wears avante-garde fashions designed by Dawid Wolilski, Magdalena Fr?ckowiak, Maciej Zie?, Tomaotomo, UEG, Monika B?a?usiak, Gosia Baczy?ska, Krzysztof Strólyna, Serafin Andrzejak, Katarzyna Konieczka, Lidia Kalita, Mariusz Przybylski, La Mania, Pajonk. Accessories by Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Fendi and Manolo Blahnik.

The background sets, created inside the embassy, were designed by Anna Szcz?sna and Ula Wasielewska of WITALIS.

above: The images were photographed inside the Embassy

The video of the shoot below was shot by Michal Grzywacz. Skin care by Dr. Irina Eris also appears in the video, as she is one of the sponsors.

The 2014 Calendar For The Polish Embassy of Paris /Calendrier de l’Ambassade de Pologne à Paris 2014. (The images between the calendar pages are screen grabs I took from the video):

model Patrycja Gardygajlo



polish embassy pin paris

Creative Credits:
Piotr Stoklosa – photography
Agnieszka Scibior – stylist
Daria ?lusarczyk (Dariia Day) – make-upe / B Agency
Magdalena Tucholska – hair
Anna Szcz?sna et Ula Wasielewska – set design / Witalis
Patrycja Gardygajlo – model / D’vision
Michal Grzywacz – director
Karolina Limbach – assistant stylist
Magdalena Plowucha, Magdalena Lawniczak, Vincent Kronental – assistant photographers
Mateusz Niechoda – photo retouching

You can view the images for the 2013 Calendar, which was shot in black and white, here and the images for the 2012 Calendar can be viewed here