The Hot Back To School Item – Interactive Pixel Bags and Where To Get ‘Em.

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A rapidly growing trend throughout Europe  – and hoping to catch on here in the US – are these interactive Pixel Bags. Engaging and creative backpacks, school bags and messenger bags for kids that allow them to show off and/or create their own favorite characters and artwork.

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These backpacks and messenger bags in different sizes and colors have an ingenious patented silicone pixel panel incorporated into the design that allow your child to purchase one with their favorite character and/or create their own favorite characters and art creations with the templates provided and the opportunity to purchase extra pixels.

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Not The First Time
If this product idea seems slightly familiar to you, the Chinese company, Uanyi Living Products Co., LTD, who patented the backpack and panel  first marketed the one style shown below in 2012 as a DIY bag.

initial patent for DIY pixel bag IIHIH

Sold through Think Geek, Urban Outfitters and in 2012 without any templates or pre-made characters, the bag seemed targeted to very young children and just did not sell well in the US. Now marketed under both Uayni and UPixelBags, the larger and more grown-up style bags have gained popularity in Europe.

The Pixel Bar

inside the pixel bar

It was after spotting them and recognizing their popular potential when paired with recognizable pop culture characters, that Helena Webb (below) launched her own Pixel Bar in Affleck’s Palace. Currently Helena’s The Pixel Bar is the only brick and mortar shop in the UK selling them (she also sells some online here).

helena in her store

inside the pixel bar2


Your Favorite Character or A Template To Make Your Own

With your purchase of any of the various backpacks or messenger bags, you can request a character of your choice and your bag will arrive with your chosen character created for you. Or you can opt to create your own design online at, save it and Helena will sell you the exact number of pixels you need to create your particular image on your own bag.

template and final bag IIHIH

The Pixel Bar has templates and pixels to create Minions, Minecraft Creepers and Characters, Superheroes and many more.

minion messenger and backpack IIHIH

pixel bar minecraft examples IIHIH

on black IIHIH

Pixel bar hero IIHIH

order them online here

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