The Melody Tub – A Wet Homage to Alvar Aalto.

the melody tub

I’m a big fan of Finnish designer Alvar Aalto. Especially his now iconic Savoy vase made by Iittalia. The organic shape has inspired many other designers and when I came across the Melody Tub by PoolSpa, I immediately thought of him. The curvy shaped tub is very close to Aalto’s iconic organic Savoy vase shape.

The Melody Tub

the melody tub aalto savoy vase shaped bathtup

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The Aalto Savoy Vase
The Savoy Vase by Alvar Aalto (shown in white):
Alvar Aalto Savoy vase italia

The Alvar Aalto small Savoy tray in white:
alto savoy tray

If you like Alvar Aalto’s work, be sure to see some interesting products inspired by his famous vase here.

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