The Drink Chair, By Ingid Michel & Frederic Pain, Holds Your Butt and Your Booze.

above: the Drink Chair by Ingid Michel & Frederic Pain, France

The sculptural fiberglass and wood Drink Chair by Ingid Michel and Frederic Pain of Binome Design is perfect for the stylish imbiber. With an extended armrest that is cast to include three imprints, sized perfectly for a bottle and two glasses, the modern looking chair is the combination of comfort and convenience.

The molded resin and fiber glass seat perches on 4 wooden branches which serve as the legs. The varied shapes of the wooden legs lend an individual character to each chair, no two can ever be exactly the same. Selected from the branches of the Robinia tree, the wood is extremely hard, resistant to rot and prized for its durability.

The chair body is UV resistant, making Drink the perfect choice indoors or out. Handmade in the Binome studio in France. 

Materials: fiber glass, laquered resin, robinia wood
Options: standard colors red, black, white + all RAL colors made to order
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About Binome:
Since their meeting in 1994 Ingrid Michel and Frederic Pain have collaborated with artists, sculptors and architects on projects in areas as diverse as cinema, design and contemporary art.

Graduates of the prestigious Ecole Boulle, Paris, their focus on traditional wood sculpture is the base which has allowed them to confidently use wood in a contemporary context.

In 2008 they created their own studio under the name Binome. Each piece created by the studio is crafted by hand and retains a singularity as no two are exactly alike. Design which is both visual and tactile, the aim of Binome is to create furniture which retains its sculptural essence.

Binome studio is located in Saint Pierre le Moûtier, France.