The Chambong, An Upscale Beer Bong for Bubbly.

The Chambong for champagne

Oh no they didn’t.
It’s not easy to guzzle champagne which I always thought of as a good thing. However a trio of guys in Washington felt differently. So for those who want to polish off a bottle of bubbly in record time, there’s The Chambong for Champagne. A 6-ounce, dishwasher-safe, high borosilicate glass device used for the rapid and enhanced consumption of sparkling wine and champagne. Patent pending, of course.

The Chambong for Champagne

The Chambong for ChampagneThe Chambong for Champagne

Randy Leslein, Harrison Neel and Alex Epstein are the brains behind this new tool which will add an infintesimal amount of class to the debauchery and drunkeness of college students everywhere.


They tell the story of the Chambong’s origin as follows:
“The origins of the first Chambong came about in early 2014, during a moment in time inspired by the Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks. Glassblowing extraordinaire Harrison had an epiphany the week prior to the big event to create a “Super…Bowl”. The resulting device of his imagination harnessed an ability to hold an extraordinary amount of cannabis, however was sadly non-functional as a smoking apparatus. Fortune would prevail several evening later, while onlookers examining the piece remarked at how it looked like a fantastic wine “shooter”. They promptly filled it with Champagne and experienced the resulting magic… And thus was born the glory that is — The Chambong.”

Caring for the Chambong

The Chambong is a well made beast that can handle the toughest of conditions/party scenarios, however you should tend to its needs like anything else you cherish.

chambong 4 alt

• Be sure to wash your Chambong after first receiving it, as well as after a night of use. It is dishwasher safe, but can also be easily cleaned by rinsing with soapy water. For a deep thorough clean, pipe cleaners can aid in cleaning the stem.
• If you crack your Chambong immediately cease use and purchase a new one.
• Store in a room temperature environment.

Their logo design (that’s Champy, the elephant) and packaging is nicely done.

The Chambong is available as a single, in a pack of two or as the Luxe version (The Chambong Luxe is a limited edition with only 100 made in handmade with packaging signed by the artist. Each Luxe has a unique and individual look).

chambong two-packchambong two-pack interior

Where To Buy
The best price for the single Chambong can be found here
The best price for the two-pack can be found here
The best price for the Chambong Luxe can be found here

Or you can pay more and purchase them directly from Chambong online here