The Caveman Grills from Holland

Cavemen Grills

The Netherland’s Caveman Grills (from North Holland) bring you back to the essence of grilling over open wood fire. What makes these different from the myriad of grills out there?

The Netherland’s Cavemen Grills

These combine a real firepit with an adjustable height grill grate to secure the desired temperature. They’re designed with V-shaped bars and a drip pan to drain away the fat and help avoid flare-ups.

cavemen grills holland

The simplicity of The Caveman makes grilling spectacular again, fun and easy to work with and guarantees a delicious result. Plus, the grill grid with laid-in firebricks creates amazing heat radiation that provides a cozy, warm ambience before, during and after grilling.

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According to the brand’s Linked In profile, the inspiration for this grill began at a campfire in France. Grilling ducks for dinner, the birds tended to burn rather quickly due to their fat skin. To avoid burning the breasts, the folks behind Caveman Grill wanted one whose height was adjustable by hand. There and then the idea was born. Build their own perfect grill. 12 months later the first prototype was ready. After launching The Original Caveman the question arose “what if we could make a Caveman for professional indoor kitchens?” The first Caveman Custom Grill was installed at Ron’s Gastrobar in Amsterdam. Now they make them for the home.

The Caveman Grill, designed by Guy van Erven Dorens, is handmade in the Netherlands using only the highest quality steel. The fire pit and detachable chassis of the Caveman Grill are made out of 3 mm (1/8”) thick Corten steel.

The Caveman Grill by Guy van Erven Dorens

When exposed to weather, Corten steel forms a protective layer on its surface providing a natural rust-like look and feel. The upper parts (rim, frame with handwheel and grill grid) are made out of high performance stainless steel.

Cavemen grills

The inside of the Caveman Grill has an inlay of high-quality fire bricks. The bricks create outstanding heat radiation for sustained and steady grilling. They also prevent the corten steel body from degenerating as a result of extreme heat of open fire.

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The Caveman Grill is available in 2 sizes: The Caveman Grill Classic (4 up to 24 persons) and The Caveman Grill Home (2 up to 12 persons).

The Classic:
caveman grill the classic

height 180cm
width 60cm
length 100cm
weight 175kg
wheel height 20cm
Corten steel thickness 3mm
Stainless Steel
Wooden rack: Hardwood timber

The Home:
Caveman grill The Home
height 150cm
width 45cm
length 75cm
weight 125kg
wheel height 20cm
Corten steel thickness 3mm
Stainless Steel
Wooden rack: Hardwood timber

The all-weather cover (optional) protects The Caveman Grill year round. The upper frame and grill grid are detachable making cleaning easy. The wheeled chassis makes the grill easy to move around and is detachable in three parts for easy transportation.

The Caveman Grill can be ordered directly at their office in the Netherlands, or in their English webshop on

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