The Carved Beetle Cabinet by Janis Straupe

Carved Beetle Cabinet by Janis Straupe

The Carved Beetle Cabinet (aka The Bug Cabinet) by Janis Straupe, a Latvian artist, is a one of a kind piece that took over three months to create.

Carved Beetle Cabinet by Janis Straupe

Cabinet by Janis Straupe

wood cabinet

Carved out of Alder wood, this armoire or storage cabinet is a timeless piece of functional art furniture. The piece took over 3 months to carve by a staff under Janis’ watchful eye.

carved beetle cabinet 6

straupe beetle armoire

scarab cabinet by janis straupe

The interior of the Beetle cabinet has 11 drawers, a stationery section, a wine rack, area for paperwork and two secret compartments.

Carved Bug Cabinet




• sculptural storage/cabinet inspired by beetle
• 1 unique piece
• H 2m 22 cm x W 1m 44 cm x D 77 cm
• material – carved alder wood stained/oiled
photos by Garry Samuels

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