The A1 Diamond Edition Audi Is A Limited Edition Chick Car.

Audi launches sexist car for women

Far more sexist than sexy (hell, it’s bordering on outright insulting), Audi is targeting women with a new limited edition version of their A1 designed in collaboration with Norwegian goldsmith and jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl. The A1 Diamond Edition is adorned with a real diamond studded gearstick, comes with a genuine diamond pendant, a cosmetic case and mirror nestled in the armrest/console, a collection of Guerlain make-up and keys presented in a “jewelry box.”

A1 Diamond Edition Audi Is A Limited Edition Chick Car

Audi launches sexist edition for women
Heyerdahl claims “Women today choose their cars based on their own preferences, and have completely different needs and priorities in a dream car than men.” Personally, I do not agree with that statement, nevertheless, here’s a look at the 2011 automobile, of which on 57 versions have been produced.

audi a1 diamond edition
above: jeweler Thomas Heyerdahl with the Audi A1 Diamond Edition

Audi A1 Diamond Edition – “The story behind” (the following text is by Thomas Heyerdahl):
Audi is a leader in automotive design and technical development. Heyerdahl is a gold and diamond specialist, and is behind several innovative projects in recent years. Together they have launched an innovative world first – Audi A1 Diamond Edition.

Heyerdahl diamond edition

Audi creates attractive and technically perfect cars, qualities that also describe the diamond’s unique characteristics. Never before has a car been accompanied with a diamond certificate.

“Audi A1 Diamond Edition is a tribute to women, a jewel on the road.” 

Cars and diamonds evokes strong emotions
The A1 Diamond Edition combines the best of progressive automotive design and engineering solutions with Heyerdahl’s skills in handicrafts and jewelry design. Emphasis is placed on the simple, aesthetic and refined expression. Women today choose their cars based on their own preferences, and have completely different needs and priorities in a dream car than men. Today’s cars are first and foremost, about design and sensuality, not unlike a woman’s passion for jewelry.

audi designed specifically for women
The sterling silver and diamond pendant that comes with the Audi A1 Diamond Edition

Both cars and diamonds evoke strong emotions and ever lasting memories, a shared feature we have taken in account in developing this concept. Diamonds stand for authenticity, perfection, and ever lasting values. The same values as Audi express through their cars. Some cars evoke special emotions at first glance. It is the combination of the car’s lines, interior and overall design expression that touches you.

A dream
I have always had a dream of combining these feelings in a holistic concept that would result in a car. To implement the diamonds in an aesthetic and sophisticated manner has been a challenging and exciting task. There is a fine line between aesthetically pleasing and “too much”. Audi has given me free reins in terms of developing the ideas I had as a starting point for this concept. Working with teams of the best in their fields has been a great inspiration and joy. A number of subcontractors from six different countries have been involved in the process, all equally focused on doing their best to create something genuine.

Audi was my first choice

The basis for the concept was hatched in March 2010 and presented for Audi in May of that year. Audi was my first choice, and stood out as the company I wanted to work with on this project. The company stands for design and engineering, attracting urban, sporty people with a playful attitude to life. When I first heard rumors that Audi was working with a brand new small premium class car, I knew I had found the right car for the project. A prestigious car with a compact design that does not play on other strings than Audi’s own design concepts. The A1 Diamond Edition is a sleek and sexy car, created for those who appreciate the unique.

Adapted to the modern, urban woman
Both the exterior and interior of the A1 Diamond Edition have been chosen from a female perspective. Everything from the colors and the original equipment has been created to tailor to women’s emotions, senses and desires.

audi women's edition
The Guerlain make-up collection that comes with the vehicle

Our overall goal has always been to keep the concept of a simple, clean and stylish design. There have been many good ideas on the table along the way, and we have opted out more than what we have retained. The unique Diamond Edition modifications emphasize the car’s female touch and refine the concept of the car as a tribute to the modern, urban woman.

Only 57 issues
Heyerdahl limited edition Audi A1

The Audi A1 Diamond Edition is designed for those who like the feeling of owning something unique and different, and is therefore restricted to only a few. The car has been issued in only 57 copies, one for each facet of the brilliant cut diamond. A laser-engraved limited edition plaque is discreetly hidden inside the lid of the glove compartment. The plaque is individually engraved for each car, and reveals which of the 57 cars you own.

Diamond Edition logo
A special logo has been specially designed for this car. A D and an E shaped like an infinity sign stands for the duration and substance – “Diamonds are forever”.

The car is stripped of the original emblems, and the new logo in genuine chrome-plated metal is discreetly visible marking of the car’s exterior. Two small Diamond Edition logos on the car’s fenders and a discreet Diamond Edition logo on the tailgate are the only indicators that you are driving a unique car from the outside. Inside you will find a small diamond edition logo embedded on the steering wheel.

special edition Audi A1

The A1 door moldings have been replaced with new Diamond Edition moldings. This gives the car its own identity, while being hidden from the uninitiated. You must be familiar with the concept to see that the car is a Diamond Edition, this is precisely what makes the car so delicate and refined.

A1 Diamond edition audi

Genuine diamonds
The gear lever is the finishing touch the concept. A platinum-plated brand with the new logo made with 24 brilliant cut diamonds of top quality, with a total of 0.48 carat.

Gearshift know with diamonds
The gear shift knob has embedded diamonds

The gear lever is a vital part of the car, a visual focal point. The diamonds are set in a way that provides a sporty and luxurious look. The goal has always been that all modifications were to be made with the finest quality and a sleek finish, as Audi is known for.

Makeup Case in leather designed to fit in center armrest
makeup case

The A1 Diamond Edition is the world’s first car that comes with a quality cosmetic kit from Guerlain. A special customized cosmetics case in genuine leather and a mirror in the lid are perfectly adapted to the car’s armrest, so it will always be at hand. A dream for women who are always on the go. (Ugh, really?)

Diamond pendant
Audi A1 Diamond Pendant

As a reminder of the car even when one is off the road, the car also comes with a specially designed diamond pendant. The Diamond Edition logo is an aesthetic form in itself and with each car follows, therefore, a pendant shaped like the emblem on a rough leather cord made of genuine 925 silver and consisting of 10 diamonds.

Key in a jewel case
Audi A1 Diamond edition Car Key

The car key is encased in beige leather, and emphasizes the feminine look. The keys are presented in a specially designed “Jewellery case”, which also contains a USB card containing all information about the car, images, its history, technical information and the diamond certificate.

The press release:
Audi A1 Diamond Edition – Jewel on the road

The Norwegian importer of Audi, Harald A. Møller AS has initiated a unique collaboration with the renowned Norwegian goldsmith and diamond specialist Thomas Heyerdahl from Heyerdahl Jewellery Design. Together they have created the beautiful and sensational: Audi A1 Diamond Edition.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend
The Audi A1 Diamond Edition has been released in 57 cars, corresponding to the 57 facets in a brilliantly cut diamond. Mr. Heyerdahl has adorned the gearstick of this unique vehicle with 24 diamonds, totaling 0.48 carat.

In addition, the car is equipped with a cosmetic box with exclusive products from Guerlain. Every detail of this car has been carefully considered for sophisticated women who value uniqueness and high quality. For the sake of discretion, the Audi A1 Diamond Edition logo, a D and E fused together in infinity, is only visible on the fenders and boot hatch of the car. The car keys are accompanied by an exclusive diamond necklace, encrusted with ten diamonds, designed by Mr. Heyerdahl.

During the project, Audi and Mr. Heyerdahl have worked towards emphasizing the common features between cars and diamonds. Both cars and diamonds are reputed for their great beauty, evoking strong emotions and contributing to creating everlasting memories. Contemporary cars are first and foremost about design and sensuality, as are diamonds. This is how they enchant and fascinate us. It is the quality of the beauty that invokes a woman’s desire.

The Diamond Edition combines a futuristic car design and engineering solutions with Mr. Heyerdahl’s expertise in craftsmanship, detail and jewelry design. The emphasis is placed on aesthetic and refined expression. A diamond represents authenticity perfection and the unbreakable, the same qualities that Audi emphasizes in their creations.

A designer’s dream:
“I’ve always had a dream of combining these feelings in a car, to implement the diamonds on the aesthetic in a sophisticated and complete way. The concept has been a challenging and exciting task.

The boundary between the clean and simple phrase, and “too much” is a fine line. Audi gave me no restrictions in developing the ideas that I had for this project. To work in a team with people who are the best in their fields has been a great inspiration and joy. A number of suppliers from six different countries have been involved throughout the process. Everyone has been dedicated and passionate about excelling with this car.

The launch of the Audi A1 Diamond Edition is a dream come true, now we merge the two world together in one concept” says a proud goldsmith Thomas Heyerdahl.

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