Elie Saab Designs a Lacy Limited Edition Evian Bottle for 2014

elie saab evian hero IIHIH

evian announces its collaboration with fashion designer Elie Saab, to create a limited edition glass bottle that is a joint celebration of both brands’ pursuit of purity in design. The partnership between evian and Elie SAAB is the latest to follow six years of evian associating itself with international fashion brands. Read more

WTF? A Blackberry Flavored Energy Drink With Gold Flakes In Lieu of Sugar.

Launched early in 2013, WTF? is an original flavored water-based energy drink made with gold flakes instead of sugar. Manufactured in Germany, the Blackberry flavored water comes from Germany’s Rhön nature park.

The name is a giggle and the packaging is gorgeous, from the bottle and hang tag to the case. They have even garnered an award for their website design.

The sugar free drink contains carbonated water, Blackberry extract, Ginseng, Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Gold Flakes, 0.4% Taurin and 0.03% Caffeine

You can purchase individual bottles, a case of nine bottles or 9 cases (a pallet) here at their online store.

What Do Bottled Water, Music and Architecture Have In Common? Check Out Ice Swan.

Ice Swan water

Glaciers + Music + Architecture = Ice Swan.
Ice Swan is a beautiful bottled water from the glaciers and waterfalls of Chile’s Patagonia region packaged in an equally beautiful bottling plant designed by Panorama Architects. To add to the intrigue, it is processed in a very unusual manner; the harvesting and bottling of the water is imbued with classical music and natural sounds of Patagonia’s habitat because, according to Dr. Masaru Emoto, a world-renowned researcher, water has memory and sensitivity to sound. Read more